is the de-facto standard in Quake 3 technology post-opensource release. Others base themselves on the hard work of the hundreds who have contributed to ioquake3. Tremulous, World of Padman, Urban Terror. All use for many reasons.

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World of Padman

Big PadMod News UpDate

Oct 2, 2002 World of Padman 5 comments

On you will find a big UpDate to the Q3A Modifikation "World of PADMAN" now. We have some nice pictures for you now, and we hope that you still belive...

World of Padman

PadLilly-Skin by milla

Oct 3, 2002 World of Padman 0 comments

As announced in the BigNewsUpdate No.6: here are some nice renderings of PadLilly.. "milla" was able to finish this hot skin for our sexy PadLilly. Only...

World of Padman

The World is blue, because it is a PadWorld

Dec 20, 2002 World of Padman 1 comment

It’s time to let you know how far we are with our development. Here is the Big News Update No.7! It was actually not planned by our team, but THE specialist...

World of Padman

PadMod is still alive!

Mar 4, 2003 World of Padman 2 comments

This is another BigNewsUpDate of the Mod "World Of Padman". Ok this is not the BIG update, only a short news that there is one over there at ! So go a...

Some skins for some Pads
World of Padman

Some skins for some Pads

Mar 30, 2003 World of Padman 2 comments

Yes, we got some News for you about some new Stuff over here at the "World of Padman"! We want to have at least one alternative skin for each model. That's...

World of Padman

Big PadNews UpDate No. 9

Jul 22, 2003 World of Padman 0 comments

The World of Padman is still alive!! *g We've lost some members and the motivation is not the best, but a hard core is still hoping to get the mod done...

World of Padman

Herby was coding..

Nov 24, 2003 World of Padman 2 comments

We have some new stuff for you. Herby has worked on the weapons a bit and got some fantastic new effects done. The weaponeffects are by 90% done now...

World of Padman

Still Pading...

Feb 12, 2004 World of Padman 1 comment

The team around the mod "World of Padman" (also known as PadMod) is still developing the mod. One week ago we got a server up and began the internal beta-tests...

World of Padman

WoP is coming..

Jun 8, 2004 World of Padman 4 comments

Yes, its finally done and we will release our mod "World of Padman! Look at this pic and you'll know the date.

World of Padman

It's going on..

Sep 1, 2004 World of Padman 0 comments

The work on the "World of Padman" is going on. On the news page of the mod, you'll find a lot of new posts giving you new information about many things...

World of Padman

PadShop is nearly done!

Nov 22, 2004 World of Padman 5 comments

As you can read in the headline, the map is nearly done, only a few details have to be added and a big bug must be fixed. :-) That's why I added eight...

World of Padman

Let's go shopping

Dec 5, 2004 World of Padman 1 comment

Finally it has arrived to the PadMod, many pwople out there wanted to see the PadShop in the mod, so here it is... Being a map, I created exclusivly for...

World of Padman

WoP-Update has been released

Dec 10, 2004 World of Padman 2 comments

Hey, has anyone still hoped that we get the update ready for a release? :-O It is here, the first WoP-Update is available for download and it contains...

World of Padman

WoP and the PR

Dec 25, 2004 World of Padman 1 comment

The World of Padman is working on some good PR and due to that, you should have a look at these two things: Interview on A short time ago


Testers needed!

Jan 15, 2005 Tremulous 1 comment

Development on Tremulous is nearing completion, but before we can call it 'finished' it needs to be tested more extensively. The primary aim...


Tremulous to release 1.0

Aug 7, 2005 Tremulous 0 comments

Stop the presses! The pigs are flying! Hell has frozen over! After an embarrassingly long time, we're finally releasing Tremulous 1.0 on Thursday...

Tremulous 1.0 released tonight

Tremulous 1.0 released tonight

Aug 11, 2005 Tremulous 0 comments

After a long time in development, Tremulous for Q3 is to be released tonight (Thursday August 11th) at 2100GMT. Installers for Windows and Linux will...


Tremulous 1.0.1 Released

Sep 9, 2005 Tremulous 0 comments

This is primarily a balance tweak release, but it also contains a few bug fixes. The data gleamed from 210 hours of play was invaluable in making the...


Tremulous 1.0.2 released

Oct 20, 2005 Tremulous 0 comments

OK, I lied. There is another release before the stand alone version: 1.0.2. The focus is much the same as for 1.0.1, i.e. balance tweaks and bug fixes...

Tremulous standalone

Tremulous standalone

Jan 28, 2006 Tremulous 3 comments

Work on the standalone version has progressed to the point where we have only very little media left to replace. In terms of programming, Tremulous is...

Tremulous release date and promo video

Tremulous release date and promo video

Mar 27, 2006 Tremulous 12 comments

The stand alone version of Tremulous is to be released on Friday 31st March! As if that wasn't enough, we've also put together a short promo...

Tremulous 1.1.0 released

Tremulous 1.1.0 released

Apr 1, 2006 Tremulous 5 comments

Tremulous 1.1.0, a new free stand alone game, was released last night. Based on the Quake 3 source code released by id software last August, it is believed...

World of Padman

The decorators are in !!!

Sep 25, 2006 World of Padman 8 comments

... and feverishly preparing the standalone version of wop, tweaking polygons, adjusting shaders and applying new textures, sounds and such the like...

WoP Mod for Q3 - Files repacked!
World of Padman

WoP Mod for Q3 - Files repacked!

Oct 2, 2006 World of Padman 3 comments

Due to the fact that users had to download lots of different files to get World of Padman up and running we decided to re-package the installer so all...

World of Padman

WoP wins award!

Oct 29, 2006 World of Padman 3 comments

It's been 4 years since we won MOD-DB's "Creativity Award", so we were all pleasantly surprised and humbled to win the coveted MOD-DB Mod Award for "Visual...

WoP (Q3-Mod) DMG for MacOS released!
World of Padman

WoP (Q3-Mod) DMG for MacOS released!

Oct 31, 2006 World of Padman 2 comments

The MacOS-Installer is online! Apologies for the delay, but IG's MacBook was in for warranty repair. Many thanks to IG and AquaPad for their hard work...

World of Padman

Master Chef ENTE changes the Menu

Nov 4, 2006 World of Padman 4 comments

If it were up to me I'd award a Michelin Star for this menu ;-) here's an aperitif for your eyes :O Here you can see some of our colourful cartoon characters...

World of Padman

New WoP Trailer! Out now!

Nov 20, 2006 World of Padman 7 comments

Not previewing in cinema's world-wide, simply because we don't have the contacts, is our latest "edge of your seat" trailer depicting the richly textured...

World of Padman

WoP - Where is my standalone?

Dec 27, 2006 World of Padman 3 comments

In the last weeks there unfortunately been a couple of problems, resulting in some things being delayed again. Our site has been down for a some time...

World of Padman

Pads to Action Stations!

Jan 3, 2007 World of Padman 2 comments

IG, a real WoP-Fan got some first impressions of the internal World of Padman standalone release. Check out his comment! Honestly, I really didn't want...

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