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Burn It Down
Burn It Down

Burn It Down Indie

3 weeks ago TBD Single Player Platformer

Burn It Down - an unusual puzzle-platformer. It is no jumping in the usual sense platformer. Jump character or not depends on the speed. Run ahead or...


Bypass Indie

8 months ago Released Oct 13, 2013 Single Player Arcade

Bypass is a pick-up-and-play arcade challenge which will test your concentration and reflexes.

Cable Swiper
Cable Swiper

Cable Swiper Indie

1 month ago Released May 12, 2014 Single Player Arcade

This game is made as a product advertisment game for the cable producing company Teccon. This game focus on their patented Anti Twin Cable Box. In this...

Cally's Caves
Cally's Caves

Cally's Caves Indie

8 months ago Released Sep 29, 2013 Single Player Platformer

After her parents are kidnapped by the nefarious Dr. Herbert, Cally must explore the giant cave system behind her family home to rescue them. Unfortunately...

Cally's Caves 2
Cally's Caves 2

Cally's Caves 2 Indie

1 week ago Released Jul 1, 2014 Single Player Platformer

Cally's parents have been kidnapped by the evil Dr. Herbert again! Go on another epic adventure through 104 levels, while levelling up your character...

Candy Blast
Candy Blast

Candy Blast Indie

7 months ago Released May 31, 2012 Single Player Puzzle Compilation

Candy Blast literally is the sweetest chain-reaction puzzle game

Candy Planes
Candy Planes

Candy Planes Indie

2 months ago Released Apr 14, 2014 Single Player Arcade

Use arrow keys to move your (Green) plane, avoid the enemy (Red) plane, and pick up the lemongrabs (little yellow headed-person) for points!

Candypede (TBD)
Candypede (TBD)

Candypede (TBD) Indie

1 year ago TBD Single Player Arcade

It is a game about a cowboy tooth on a giant flying centipede shooting peanuts to onions on spaceships to recover its candy. The profile looks horrible...

Capitan See
Capitan See

Capitan See Indie

1 year ago TBD Single Player Platformer

Ride along the waves.. plain and simple, yet kinda hard. The player will face a seamans' worst nightmare. Such fierce sea has never been seen before.

Capture The Phlag
Capture The Phlag

Capture The Phlag Indie

8 months ago TBD Multiplayer Platformer

'Capture The Phlag' (or 'flag'), is a small but fun and action packed splitscreen platformer where two players must face up against one another and attempt...

Cards of Void
Cards of Void

Cards of Void Indie

2 months ago TBD Single & Co-op Roguelike

Cards of Void is a rougue-like featuring randomly generated dungeons and collectable cards. Choose your character and step into Facility #52. Loot at...


Carpathia Indie

11 months ago Released Jul 6, 2013 Single Player Party

Carpathia is a 2D driving puzzle game that originated from a school project. Go to to download (under 8MB) the latest version...


Cash_Out Indie

1 day ago TBD Single Player Arcade

Cash_Out is a randomly generated top down shooter with stealth and RPG elements. Build your character and raid buildings to have the biggest cash out.

Castle Escape
Castle Escape

Castle Escape Indie

1 year ago Released Oct 9, 2010 Single Player Adventure

Castle Escape is a small arcade game in which you have to help the little explorer to collect all the diamonds and gold bars in each level while making...

Cat Licker
Cat Licker

Cat Licker Indie

1 year ago Released Dec 17, 2012 Single Player Arcade

Cat Licker is a point rack­ing game where the goal is to lick as many cats as pos­si­ble before time runs out. In the dis­tant future, this game will...


Catalyst Indie

1 year ago Released Oct 21, 2012 Single Player Platformer

Catalyst is a fast paced action sidescroller, where players must use their powers to solve various puzzles in a cyber-punk world!

Catch Kony
Catch Kony

Catch Kony Indie

11 months ago TBD Single Player Arcade

This is my first game that I have made and am distributing. Throughout the years I have gained more and more experience, now I'm working on my own game...

Cave Jumper
Cave Jumper

Cave Jumper Indie

1 year ago Released Feb 17, 2012 Single & Multiplayer Platformer

Cave Jumper is a platformer with the speciality that the player moves alone. You only have to press one button to jump. You roll and jump over prickles...

Caveman Craig 2
Caveman Craig 2

Caveman Craig 2 Indie

1 year ago Released Feb 29, 2012 Single Player Real Time Strategy

Caveman Craig 2 is a unique survival/RTS game featuring Craig, a tribal leader. It's your job to lead Craig as he builds up his clan and conquers the...

Caverns of Khron
Caverns of Khron

Caverns of Khron Indie

1 year ago Released Nov 29, 2012 Single Player Platformer

Caverns of Khron is a challenging single-screen platformer with an emphasis on both action and puzzles. The game consists of forty levels, plus secrets...


Celaria Indie

1 week ago TBD Single Player Platformer

Celaria is a 3D Styled Parkour game which was heavily inspired by Mirror's Edge and Trackmania. You jump from building to building, performing wallruns...

Cell Attack
Cell Attack

Cell Attack Indie

2 years ago TBD Single Player Arcade

This is cell attack doesnt have much of a story its just a simple arcadish style game.


Celosia Indie

2 months ago TBD Single Player Puzzle Compilation

Celosia - the gothic memory card game is a game for everyone, new to this genre or veterans, you will truly enjoy the dark atmosphere and awesome music...


Chaarge Indie

1 month ago TBD Single Player Arcade

You are a wizard on top of a tower. With enemies coming from the surrounding land, you have to attack the monsters approaching with a matching colored...

Challenge Rooms
Challenge Rooms

Challenge Rooms Indie

3 years ago TBD Single Player Arcade

My first game ever (all others i've made were terrible and only made to educate myself) about you, the test subject, having your mind subjected to a computer...

Chapi - Chapi
Chapi - Chapi

Chapi - Chapi Indie

1 month ago TBD Single Player Family

Floppy-birdesque kite game with score. Tap to avoid the other kites. Collect coins for bonus points. Compete with your friends to see who can get the...


CHAWP! Indie

3 years ago Released Aug 9, 2010 Single Player Real Time Strategy

An innovative & addicting game where you use your mouse to CHAWP! the lines of 10 increasingly difficult bosses. Features High-scores.

Chicken Duty
Chicken Duty

Chicken Duty Indie

4 months ago Released Feb 23, 2014 Single Player Platformer

Chicken is bouncing! bouncing chicken... why his bounce is so amazing? Maybe his duty is to bounce in this way all days and all nights... ... and rumors...

Chronicles of Inky
Chronicles of Inky

Chronicles of Inky Indie

5 months ago Released Dec 25, 2013 Single Player Family

The puppet master Ra has captured Inky's brothers and imprisoned them in the final level. It is up to you to save them! Chronicles of Inky is a real-time...


Cidabar Indie

2 years ago TBD Single Player Virtual Life

Cidabar is a game where you're the mayor of a city and must manage it properly.

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