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Artibeus Indie

7 months ago Released Nov 9, 2013 Single Player Arcade

Small arcade game about fruit eating bat in randomly generated dark castle.

Assassin Adventures
Assassin Adventures

Assassin Adventures Indie

1 year ago TBD Single Player Arcade

A cool strategy game featuring parkour, double jump, balls of fire and deadly spikes! With thanks to Adam Stone for some of the source code.

Assault 7: Lost Archives
Assault 7: Lost Archives

Assault 7: Lost Archives Indie

2 years ago Released Dec 11, 2010 Single & Multiplayer Tactical Shooter

Lost Archives is a tactical first person shooter. Choose a weapon that best fits your play style and use your cunning to become victorious against unimaginable...


Asteroids Indie

7 months ago Released Feb 26, 2013 Single Player Arcade

Another retro game of an old C64 classic. Blast the asteroids and get the best highscore. Enjoy!


Asteroidz Indie

1 year ago Released Mar 24, 2012 Single & Multiplayer Arcade

An old school Asteroids Remake with versus multiplayer hotseat. First game I finished long time ago.


Atone Indie

5 months ago Released Jan 10, 2014 Single Player Real Time Strategy

Build, expand, balance and decimate in this minimalist God/Civ Simulator where you must balance the ever growing human civilization against the forces...

Attack of the Crimson Marauders
Attack of the Crimson Marauders

Attack of the Crimson Marauders Indie

11 months ago Released Jun 14, 2013 Single & Co-op Arcade

Attack of the Crimson Marauders is an arcade shoot em' up, with a nice old school vibe. What's even better; you can play with a friend! Game features...

Avoid the nightmare of darkness
Avoid the nightmare of darkness

Avoid the nightmare of darkness Indie

5 months ago Released Jan 13, 2014 Single Player Platformer

A 12 year old kid doesn't want to have nightmares. So he ask his parents to buy to him an dreamcatcher!

Awesome Adventures
Awesome Adventures

Awesome Adventures Indie

2 years ago Released Aug 30, 2011 Single Player Platformer

Welcome to THE AWESOME ADVENTURES! (of Enos and Pryce) The story goes something like this: There is a cave where a cloaked DEMON is said to reside, and...


Baby Indie

2 months ago TBD Single Player Platformer

Baby is a metroidvania platformer. You play as a spider with a baby's head on a quest to find her missing mother.

Babylon Inc.
Babylon Inc.

Babylon Inc. Indie

1 day ago Coming Q1 2015 Single Player Third Person Shooter

Babylon Inc. is an upcoming 2D twin-stick shooter, where you assume the role of an undercover resistance fighter and battle an evil corporation who has...

Bad Cloud
Bad Cloud

Bad Cloud Indie

2 years ago TBD Single Player Arcade

A rebellious cloud sets on a quest to show people the true power of nature.

Bad Dream (Series)
Bad Dream (Series)

Bad Dream (Series) Indie

3 months ago Released Dec 23, 2013 Single Player Point and Click

Bad Dream will be a series of short point&click games which action takes place in creepy, dark and sad land of dream. Some of games will be a cruel...

Bad Smell
Bad Smell

Bad Smell Indie

5 months ago Released Aug 11, 2013 Single Player Adventure

BAD SMELL is a top down shooter with two main game modes. - Arcade Mode is 'roguelike' style gameplay, concentrating on random generation so no two games...


Bagger Indie

10 months ago Released Sep 1, 2013 Single & Multiplayer Alternative Sport

A game of bean bag toss on the go, for you and your friends. Feels just like the yard game, you just need to bring the beer. Go head to head with your...

Ball Bounce
Ball Bounce

Ball Bounce Indie

5 months ago Released Feb 1, 2014 Single Player Arcade

A game reminiscent of the games from the late 80's. Remember picking up a pc mag just to play the game coded in side? well i am still reliving those days...

Ball of Doom
Ball of Doom

Ball of Doom Indie

5 years ago Released Nov 22, 2008 Single Player Puzzle Compilation

Ball of Doom is a game made by Frostblood Studios (not listed on moddb). It features cartoon style graphics, a sense of humour, and Programmer Art? Who...

Ballland Battles Deluxe
Ballland Battles Deluxe

Ballland Battles Deluxe Indie

5 months ago Released Jul 23, 2011 Single & Multiplayer Arcade

Do you have what it takes to become the best battler out there? Casual multiplayer battle gameplay mixed with all-around funness :)


Balltin Indie

4 weeks ago TBD Single & Co-op Puzzle Compilation

Balltin is a game in which the aim is to solve puzzles and rank up points! It is possible to buy upgrades during play time, There are locks, switches...

Banana Shoes
Banana Shoes

Banana Shoes Indie

3 months ago Released Mar 12, 2014 Single Player Puzzle Compilation

Jeremy is a visionary genius, he works at SHOES & SHOES Inc., he invented a new type of shoes, more comfortable than others,more cheaper than others...

Barrell Explode
Barrell Explode

Barrell Explode Indie

10 months ago Released Sep 14, 2013 Single Player First Person Shooter

It's a game to exploit 3D barrels I did with a friend one in afternoon when I was bored

Barren Universe
Barren Universe

Barren Universe Indie

9 months ago Released Apr 28, 2013 Single Player Platformer

Far, far away on a planet called Earth, a little creature started eating everything. He wanted to make the world minimal! ;) A Katamari style game where...

Bastardoids 3014
Bastardoids 3014

Bastardoids 3014 Indie

6 months ago Released Jan 1, 2014 Single & Co-op Arcade

Pulverize the asteroids and enemy ships alone or with 2 friends in this Asteroids-like shooter!

Bat Hunt
Bat Hunt

Bat Hunt Indie

9 months ago Released Sep 3, 2013 Single Player Arcade

Find your arcade zen. Unlock the achievements. Ace the leaderboards. Hunt bats. Bat Hunt is a love letter to the NES classic Duck Hunt. Relive your childhood...


Battleground Indie

2 weeks ago Released Apr 22, 2011 Single & Multiplayer Real Time Strategy

Battleground - game of genre RTS/RPG, yes, you haven't misheard, RPG, it not simply strategy similar to series Command and Conquer, and something new...

Battleground: Battle Your Friends!
Battleground: Battle Your Friends!

Battleground: Battle Your Friends! Indie

2 weeks ago Released Apr 29, 2014 Co-op Arcade

Battleground is a top-down chaotic shooter, where you go against your friends in a top-down perspective arena. Up to 4 players can wreak havoc on each...


Bay-Top Indie

1 month ago Released Jun 6, 2014 Single Player Adventure

Bay-Top 2d Adventure Game! 15 Level , 6 tutorial 9 normal level! İts Fantastic! Created by Umut Esmer

Beautiful Worm
Beautiful Worm

Beautiful Worm Indie

2 months ago Released Apr 30, 2013 Single Player Arcade

Can you create the most beautiful worm in the whole universe? Beautiful Worm presents a simple one-tap gameplay that's hard to put down. Tap anywhere...

Bee or not bee: 100+ Followbees
Bee or not bee: 100+ Followbees

Bee or not bee: 100+ Followbees Indie

8 months ago Released May 4, 2013 Single Player Arcade

Bee or not Bee: 100+ Followbees is a side-scrolling for Android and Windows in which you will try and get over 100 followers following bees . This is...

Belfry Devisee
Belfry Devisee

Belfry Devisee Indie

1 month ago TBD Single Player Platformer

Run. Jump. Hack. Slash. Explore. Kill. Die. Sweet high-res vector-style graphics. Tantalizing platforming to tempt your temporal analysis and reactions...

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