Game Develop is a game development software allowing creation of any kind of 2D game without needing any knowledge in a specific language. Everything is made using visual editors and the software uses an event-based system, using conditions which have to be filled so as to execute actions, to manage the game logic. These events are compiled by Game Develop to machine code. Games can be compiled and distributed for Windows and Ubuntu.

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Platformer Challenge
Platformer Challenge

Platformer Challenge

1 month ago TBD Single & Co-op Platformer

Platformer Challenge is a platformer game with an integrated level editor. The game can be played alone or with friends on the same computer or on Internet...

Hit Cancer for a 6 with Yuvraj Singh
Hit Cancer for a 6 with Yuvraj Singh

Hit Cancer for a 6 with Yuvraj Singh

1 year ago Released Jul 16, 2013 Single Player Alternative Sport

Play on to find out how much of a Yuvi can you be! When Flintoff sledged, Broad felt the brunt of it as Yuvi made the ball disappear six times in a row...

Dark Cell
Dark Cell

Dark Cell

2 years ago Released May 10, 2013 Single Player Platformer

Dark Cell is a platform horror puzzle game. I started the development a few weeks ago after being inspired by ghost stories. You play a role of a prisoner...

Zombs "the return"
Zombs "the return"

Zombs "the return"

2 years ago Released May 31, 2013 Single & Multiplayer First Person Shooter

I am makeing a game about zombies and shooting them right now i have made it on single player but later it will be on multiplayer. it will have better...

Windows, Linux
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