Ego Game Technology Engine (more commonly referred to as Ego Engine or EGO) is a video game engine developed by Codemasters. Ego is a modified version of the Neon game engine that was used in Colin McRae: Dirt and was developed by Codemasters and Sony Computer Entertainment using Sony Computer Entertainment's PhyreEngine cross-platform graphics engine.

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Race Driver: Grid
Race Driver: Grid

1. Race Driver: Grid

3 months ago Released Jun 2008 Single & Multiplayer Racing

This game was made by Codemasters, the creators of the TOCA/Race Driver series. Race Driver: GRID is an arcade / tarmac racing simulator consisting of...

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

2. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

1 year ago Released Oct 2009 Single & Multiplayer Realistic Sim

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is a direct sequel to 2001's hit combat simulation game Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis and the expansion pack...


3. GRID 2

2 years ago Released May 27, 2013 Single & Multiplayer Racing

GRID 2 will challenge players to be fast, be first and be famous as they enter a stunning new world of competitive motorsport.

Operation Flashpoint: Red River
Operation Flashpoint: Red River

4. Operation Flashpoint: Red River

1 year ago Released Apr 2011 Single, Multiplayer & Co-Op Tactical Shooter

Stand together with the US Marines in Operation Flashpoint: Red River, the ultimate tactical infantry shooter. You’ll play as one of four distinct and...

F1 2012
F1 2012

5. F1 2012

2 years ago Released Sep 2012 Single & Multiplayer Racing

F1 2012 is set to deliver the most accessible and immersive FORMULA ONE game for fans of all abilities.

DiRT 3
DiRT 3

6. DiRT 3

3 months ago Released May 2011 Single & Multiplayer Racing

Race through the snow, rain and dirt and experience dramatic night races with the largest amount of rally content in the Dirt series yet. Express yourself...

Colin McRae: Dirt 2
Colin McRae: Dirt 2

7. Colin McRae: Dirt 2

1 year ago Released Sep 2009 Single & Multiplayer Racing

Colin McRae: DiRT 2 features a roster of contemporary off-road events, taking players to the most diverse and challenging real-world environments. This...

F1 2011
F1 2011

8. F1 2011

2 years ago Released Sep 2011 Single & Multiplayer Racing

In F1 2011 players will be challenged to ‘Be the driver, live the life, go compete’

F1 2010
F1 2010

9. F1 2010

2 years ago Released Sep 2010 Single & Multiplayer Racing

Immerse yourself in the glamour, pressure and exhilaration of the world’s most exciting motorsport as F1 2010™ roars onto the track complete with...

Windows, X360, PS3
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