The Drag[en]gine is an free software project with a highly modular structure based on the GLEM System. Its design is similar to an operating system. The entire functionality is provided by Modules comparable to device drivers. The engine itself acts like a system kernel managing modules, resources and abstracting the underlying system. Due to the loose coupling of the modules with the system and other modules it is very easy to exchange or improve them without interfering with the rest of the engine. As a result the modularity extends from the developer to the end user who can now choose the optimal module combination for his personal computer even down to per game setups ( and even while running a game ) if required. Developers do not have to worry anymore about low level concerns keeping them concentrated on their game. In contrary to other engines (including high-end commercial ones) the Drag[en]gine provides true 0-Day portability of games with no extra costs and no troubles neither for the developer nor the end user.

Advantages of the Drag[en]gine

... for the Game Designer:

  • Use your Scripting Language of choice.
  • Hardware is fully abstracted. You only have to know how your chosen Scripting Language works
  • Updating the engine and modules is handled by the respective teams. You only have to worry about updating your game
  • No need to write specific content for specific systems. The users choice of modules takes care of this for you

... for the Module Coder:

  • Play around with individual parts of the engine without disturbing any other part. Test easy and fast new algorithms or features
  • Various debugging features help to debug fast and easy modules even during run-time
  • Loose coupling and high encapsulation yields in a more stable game engine
  • Platform specific code is only handled in modules increasing portability

... for the Customer:

  • Choose the optimal combination of modules for your system. The Drag[en]gine adapts to match your system not the other way 'round!
  • Open standards and free file formats ensure unrestricted and easy modding using free software applications
  • Various Launchers allow you to use the Drag[en]gine for more than just gaming
  • The Crash Recovery System prevents a game from crashing to desktop. While CRS is running change parameters or entire modules and continue your game from where it went out for lunch.

For more information check out the Drag[en]gine Wiki.


Due to the modular nature a fixed list of engine features as other engines provide is not possible since it all depends on the customer's choices. To avoid cluttering the summary find the features list in this article:

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Can you say Work-Tech-Aholic?

These past month had been fully in the name of performance improvements, feature adding and especially documentation. I don't go into much text here since the documentation part is where the big huge text is located for those interested in both the inner engine workings and especially how to developer with this game engine. This produced lots of documentation especially for the DragonScript language in form of API documentation and Wiki documentation. Now included is also the first demo application for the new features. More will follow to get you started with the game engine. But from the technical point of view what ate the majority of time had been a tremendous performance improvement workover that touched many engine areas. Various performance improvements including Parallel Processing and an advanced OpenGL render thread system consumed more time than expected but the result is a total performance boost of up to 150% over nominal this spring. There is still some room left especially in foreign code not that much under my control. And if this would be not enough already the Drag[en]gine has now also a whole new Canvas System. So before the Links to all the information a little view across some of the parts touched during the past time.

newspost preview

Speed optimizations

  • Optimized Bullet Physics calculations (certain Bullet collision tests are slow and inaccurate).
  • Optimized matrix and quaternion calculations for CPU code.
  • Animation pre-calculation for animation resources (pre-canned animation data).
  • Post physics collision test to colliders improving performance and simplify typical test scenarios.
  • Parallel processing implementation.
  • Animator calculation performance boosted with parallel processing.
  • Multi-Threaded Rendering in OpenGL module with optimal synching. No restriction on what game scripts are allowed to change ( 100% autonomous render thread ).

New Engine Features

  • Collision filtering with filter and category layer masks (64-bit each).
  • 2D Render System with improved video playback and canvas capturing.
  • Bullet supports now collider rotate hits and collider move rotate hits natively.
  • Engine module version support to launchers allowing for multiple module versions to be installed at the same time and barring certain versions for certain games.
  • Improving animator editor usage (rule icons, group rule support and cut/copy/paste in more places)
  • Collider attachments support now all kinds of resources.
  • Smooth value support especially for script use with natural smoothing behavior with unpredictable values.
  • Barrier and proper sempahore implementation.

New DragonScript Features


Show it to me!

As you noticed there is no big content update. Since I had been all occupied with all the tech and documentation and I still have no helping hand except myself I could not also deal with content. So if you are from the artistic domain and you want to do something else than what is usually around you are welcome to step forward. No portfolio fillers. I had enough bad experiences with those.

So happy game-deving until the next time.

New Year goodies with Core and Skinning

New Year goodies with Core and Skinning

10 months ago News 2 comments

Getting closer to the first release with Core and tightening screws here and there

Navigation Splicing and more

Navigation Splicing and more

11 months ago Epsylon 0 comments

Putting the remaining pieces together for the navigation system with splicing.

NPC Simulation and Engine Features

NPC Simulation and Engine Features

11 months ago Epsylon 2 comments

This time something about the work in progress on the NPC Simulation system and more Engine features.

Of Heights, Solidity and EnvRooms

Of Heights, Solidity and EnvRooms

1 year ago News 2 comments

Adding new texture properties for more effects with less work.

Add game Games


11 months ago TBD Adventure

Epsylon - The Guardians of Xendron takes the player on a journey to a futuristic world investigating a very special Science-Fiction setup. With a team...

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Ragora Jul 4 2010 says:

Ah, I was wondering because I am accustomed to Torque. I was thinking of writing a similiar language module when I learn CPP (I have 0% experience in cpp, so not anytime soon)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Dragonlord Creator
Dragonlord Jul 4 2010 replied:

That would be nice. The idea behind having different script modules is that different people are accustomed to different languages so they can choose what suits them best.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Ragora Jul 3 2010 says:

Would it be possible to code your own scripting module? Although the answer doesn't really matter to me now (I plan on learning cpp).

+1 vote     reply to comment
Dragonlord Creator
Dragonlord Jul 3 2010 replied:

Yes you can. They just have to be open and available on the net so launchers can download them to run your game. Otherwise more script languages are welcome.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Ichiman94 Jun 19 2010 says:

good engine, when will be released?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Dragonlord Creator
Dragonlord Jun 19 2010 replied:

I know people hate this answer but "when it's done" :P . I aim for a release this year if everything works out as it should.

+3 votes   reply to comment
Ichiman94 Jul 4 2010 replied:

"this year"
okay, this engine getting better and better, dont give up ;)
and no problem if "when its done", good engine takes lot time to develop...

+2 votes     reply to comment
slayersarge Jan 3 2010 says:

Would be funny if there was a vore video of the dragon eating a human whole with both views

+2 votes     reply to comment
Robots! Feb 7 2010 replied:

What the ***** is wrong with you?

0 votes     reply to comment
Dragonlord Creator
Dragonlord Jan 3 2010 replied:

I have the bad feeling that one of the first mods is going to do exactly that...

+2 votes   reply to comment
Robots! Feb 7 2010 replied:

The project must end.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Dragonlord Creator
Dragonlord Feb 7 2010 replied:

In fact not. I can imagine what one of the first mods are going to be. They will take on time frames in the story which I leave out on purpose as they would be too much to included in the game. They are written but require additional worlds to travel too which would be a bit too much for a first time project. Can imagine people are going to fill them in with their own ideas which should be interesting to watch unfold.

+1 vote   reply to comment
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