CryENGINE®3 is the first PC, Playstation®3, and Xbox 360™ all-in-one game development solution that is Next-Gen ready with scalable computation and graphics technologies. Using the CryENGINE®3, you can start the development of your next generation games today. CryENGINE®3 is the only game engine that provides multi-award winning graphics, state-of-the art lighting, physics and AI, out of the box. The famous CryENGINE®3 Sandbox™ editor is a production proven, third-generation real-time tool suite designed and built by AAA developers. CryENGINE®’s powerful real-time renderer is now even better! DirectX 11 (DX11) support significantly enhances the capabilities of the renderer within CryENGINE®3, allowing for some of the best visuals ever seen.

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hogsy Apr 14 2009 says:


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Upstream_Bear Apr 28 2009 buried:


Shut up furry. I'll keep my Source thanks. Enjoy, console users.

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Amer-I May 21 2009 replied:

that's racist!

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CrazyIvan1745 Nov 2 2009 replied:

So you don't want to move up to a technologically more advanced engine? I would prefer them to keep working on PC Engine's but Source can hardly compare to the graphics that has to offer. Source is a good engine, don't get me wrong. But it is getting about time that they rebuild it to allow for the new and better graphics and features that are becoming more available.

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Shadow_Death Jan 8 2010 replied:

When it comes to a console with fixed hardware you can only "Technologically advance" so far before you hit hardware limitations.

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xalener Jan 28 2010 replied:

Why are people so ******* ****** off that game devs aren't ******* over the console users for once?

Its not like this isn't a big improvement over Cryengine 2, it is.

Just because it CAN be dialed down doesn't mean it somehow magically will for PC users.

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raiden_macer Sep 19 2011 replied:

speaking as a game dev my self,that is why i create dlc's , mods, and games for pc ONLY

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tactical_fluke Sep 11 2011 replied:

you can't really compare Source and CryEngine, they're 2 completely different engines in many different ways.

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raiden_macer Sep 19 2011 replied:

you my friend can go **** your self mate.... this isnt for console user's HOW DO YOU THINK GAMES ARE MADE PC YES TAHTS ******* RIGHT!

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nunhunter May 8 2009 says:

that was pretty amazing

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Nokiaman Jun 15 2009 says:

OMG thats.........****.

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Jangiri Oct 16 2009 says:

Honestly it doesn't look that much better than the original. i'll have to see how the pc footage turns out

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MRP_REMEDY Oct 16 2009 says:

oh realese pooey version for console and save best version for pc? right on

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rebel28 Oct 16 2009 says:

wtf, 1:51 A PORTAL?

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ak47troels Dec 6 2009 says:

This should be the reason to buy a Xbox360 or PS3 :-D

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pmkr0 Jan 7 2010 says:

looks worse than crysis 2 :)

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leo11048811 May 22 2010 says:

It's on console (and console is lame), so it's worse than the cry engine 2, which is only on PC. Now what I want to see, it's the same scene on PC, just to compare PC and console! (and laught a little bit XD) I hope too, that crytek haven't just report is engine on console, but upgrades it too for PC.

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creptoin1 Sep 21 2010 says:

why do some people hate consoles? if you don't want to buy it just don't buy it. but you don't have to tell everyone that the pc is sooo much better. we all know that already so get over yourself. maybe some people cant afford the 2000$ computer that you probably have. you have to admit that this is pretty dang good for a console.

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Black★RockShooter Feb 24 2011 says:

Hmm,i think i will use this for the engine of my mod

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ComradeWinston Apr 22 2011 says:

Who cares about the 360 or PS3? PC has far better graphics and they didn't even show anything from a PC

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Mar 27th, 2009
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