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Hot on the heels of UDK and Unity's announcements, Crytek are looking to release a free version of their CryENGINE.

Posted by INtense! on Apr 12th, 2010

6 months ago we reported the hot hot news that both Unity and Epic (UDK) had released free editions of their engines. These releases targeted indies and teams who traditionally could never put these engines to use, due to the extremely high up-front costs. As a result both companies have seen huge demand, with hundreds of thousands of developers now putting their tech to use for the first time.

According to an article on Develop (with quotes from Cevat Yerli, Crytek's CEO), when asked if CryENGINE 3 will be released for indies to use he said:

Cevat wrote:Yes, but – to be frank – not as a mod. So far that’s what we’ve been offering for free, and it’s easy entry into the production environment. [But] we do want to make a standalone free platform that people can run independent of CryEngine that will also be up to speed with the latest engine.

It remains unclear what kind of technology and licencing / cost arrangement will result from this announcement. Develop has more details, thanks for the tip Azul.

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Armageddon104 Apr 12 2010 says:

Sounds interesting. I'll keep an eye on this.

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ghost59 May 9 2010 replied:

i will too

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Xargoth May 26 2010 replied:

As will I

+2 votes     reply to comment
johntis Jun 24 2010 replied:

and I

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leilei Apr 12 2010 buried:



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Guessmyname Apr 12 2010 replied:


The Source SDK is a perfectly valid engine, and you can do some magnificent things on it, it's just very out-of-date. Considering it came out in 2004, you could cut it some slack...

With CryEngine, we'll just have to see if it's easier to use than the UDK. God I hate that builder brush...

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formerlyknownasMrCP Apr 13 2010 replied:

Lol totally took the flamebait. Don't mind leilei she just enjoys annoying the source fanbois.

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tymaxbeta Apr 19 2010 replied:

You don't have to be a fanboy to see with a few graphics updates Source can look just as good and at this point has much higher capabilities for no-code mods then most other engines, and yeah, all these free engines is making me want to try them out...

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SecretImbecile Jun 8 2010 replied:

I think Cry-Engine is the way to go for Code-Phobics, the flow graph coding is an ingenious way of doing (very very almost) all the coding you need

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Radcliff Apr 13 2010 replied:

I totally gave up on Source engine when I saw their amazingly complicated weapon rig skeletons. Does that allow for more flexibility animation-wise or something?

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stoopdapoop Apr 13 2010 replied:

what? their weapon rigs are simple as ****. most of the bones are removed and they've got clearly marked bones for slides, hammers, triggers, and the clip.

Not only that, but a weapon rig isn't a feature of the engine, it's just art. If you don't like it, make your own.

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SairenSA Apr 13 2010 replied:

And to support you :)
It's almost about time that a new Source Engine releases considering Portal 2 and Half-life 2: Ep3/Half-Life 3 is still being worked on

+10 votes     reply to comment
victorborges Apr 26 2010 replied:

who told you about hl2 ep3? that is more outdated then chinese democracy (guns n roses)

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Alex-a12 Apr 13 2010 replied:

So true,and I agree with you that "builder brush" is annoying like ****.

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pitchblack00 Apr 13 2010 replied:

What's wrong with builder brush? I find unreal's BSP editing approach very productive. The whole concept of working with solid masses, adding, subtracting is completely nondestructive. You can subtract/add bunch of geometry and than undo that couple months later :). Brilliant! It's indispensable for prototyping, besides if you don't like it, you don't have to use it, BSP is just for building base geometry. You didn't think you can actually model in editor, did you?

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Holobalobalo Apr 17 2010 replied:

Actually, if I remember correctly, there was a prototype option in the original Unreal Ed that allowed you to convert a brush you had made out of geometry into a model.

But I agree, the Unreal Ed method of level creation is still my favorite.

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koburamoe Apr 13 2010 replied:

2004 ? Thats when the game launched , im pretty sure they worked on the game using the source sdk since 2002-2003 !

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Holobalobalo Apr 17 2010 replied:

Yeah the source engine was/is pretty good, but it required precise and tedious optimization techniques to create anything beyond narrow indoor passageways (most, if not all, outdoor sections from the original game were actually just little passageways with skybox textures painted on and outdoor-esque models/textures thrown in, they were just very well-made. Props to the designers at Valve.)

With the CryENGINE, just about anything was do-able with minimum effort required.

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Saber153 Apr 18 2010 replied:

yea so long as your computer can run it with little or no problems. i'm looking forward to see how well this will turn out.

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Connall Apr 18 2010 replied:

And not to mention VALVe keeps updating games and engines like for example have you noticed yo can see your characters legs in l4d?

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Halfmoon Apr 13 2010 replied:

You know Half Life 2 Episode 3 is going to use Source SDK right? And Portal 2?

+6 votes     reply to comment
ItsThatMatt Apr 13 2010 replied:

Lol.. Why were you voted down on that comment ? Strange..

Looks good and would be a smart move to make it free for developers. Although, is it too demanding on PC?

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s87 Apr 13 2010 replied:

Since it runs on PS3 and XBox as well it should scale quite nicely ... in an interview about Crysis 2 Carl Jones says it would run on lower specs than Crysis 1 did:

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ItsThatMatt Apr 13 2010 replied:

Now that is some good news :)

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ogggrez Apr 13 2010 replied:

But i've read that you can (if you wanna) make the graphics better than the console versions(cause the console versions have been optimized more).

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nosfer4tu Apr 13 2010 replied:

lol portal 2 may support source sdk im 85% sure because portal 1 was in source sdk or portal 2 may also be in portal authorizing tools like latest games from valve , L4D and L4D 2 ^_^

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wazanator Apr 13 2010 replied:

@Kinuhudai: You do know that L4D and L4D2 run on the source engine right? Valve just gave them a more upgraded version of the editor (wish they would upgrade the old hammer to support instancing and the fix for the grid number problem)

And why is everyone saying source is to old? Don't know if anyone has noticed yet but they keep upgrading it with each new game they release, sure the older games like HL2 are not going to have as amazing graphics as newer games but that's because it was released and finished in 2004.

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xalener Apr 13 2010 replied:

But not enough, really. There are so many things it could really use that it doesn't have. Things that are standards now.

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ghost59 Apr 13 2010 replied:


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Dekaku Apr 16 2010 replied:

Well for the old graphics problem for HL2, theres a mod which heavily increases the graphics of HL2 (and E1 and E2). . . Although i have to admit, that the hires models are not everyones taste. (Its called FF's Cinematic mod)

About the cryengine: I am very interested how this will turn out. With the PS3/XboX360 compatibility they might enable you to make your own games for PS3 (or Xbox360). At least with the release of Crysis2 they should add PS3 Mod compatibility (Like UT3 did), but it would be better if they managed to put that thing off as a standalone. Would give them the edge over UT3 (which is as far as i know unrivalled in this sector)
... Well at least thats what i hope...

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Cyberpresident_CORE Apr 13 2010 buried:


YOU WENT NUTS ??? , CryEngine 3 is not even relased , and SourceSDK was in the 1996 , also , Hl2 is the only game with the full source engine , that means you can make a new game , like it was With CSS , DOD , Gmod ,
Zeno Clash , .............

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Icedecknight Apr 13 2010 replied:

Sourcesdk wasnt released in 1996 it was srcsdk, src really stands for goldsource.

+11 votes     reply to comment
leilei Apr 13 2010 replied:

no wrong

"Source SDK" released in 2005. Source was licensable in 2003. Quake released in 1996.

Source = frankenstein middleware directx quake for windows only, depends on hl2 and tied to steam, overrated and overhyped and always handwaved for being the 'easiest'.

I don't think a proper engine like cryengine or unrealengine3 has anything to worry about, but seeing massive -60 downvotes, looks like rabid source fanbrats do worry...

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leilei Apr 13 2010 replied:

not to mention the royalty hell Source is in. you'd also have to pay id software, havok and also RAD Game Tools, and probably more...

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fdslk Apr 13 2010 replied:

Lelei, I think I'm love with you... you're such a good troll for Source fanboys that I could kiss you!

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M@ty Apr 14 2010 replied:


Now, I'll agree, Source is an arse to use over UT3 and CE2, but I'd hardly call it out of date - L4D2 is mightily impressive.

As for royalties and licensing, you're way off the mark. I can't divulge confidential information, but licensing for Source is almost the lowest of any modern, full-retail game engine. Royalties (if any) actually only go to Valve and its pretty competitive that way too.

Opinions - fines, but don't invent facts :).

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Cypher05 May 1 2010 replied:

Whoever complains about Source being for Windows only is mentally handicapped. What is that coming out soon? Source for Mac right?

Does the UDK work on a Mac? No? Oh okay. Will this "free" CryEngine work for Mac? No? Please try. I'm not saying these are crappy engines... just that your argument is defunct.

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fdslk Apr 13 2010 replied:

This clash of titans will be superb: UDK vs CryENGINE... I just wonder, what kind of features will bring this version of the Crytek Engine, it will be really full as a dev tool? Will it b really the third version or just the second? Interesting times are coming, for all of us.

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Dekaku Apr 16 2010 replied:

couldnt agree more

+1 vote     reply to comment
Callinstead09 Apr 13 2010 replied:


-2 votes     reply to comment
leilei Apr 13 2010 replied:

yeah, I can't wait for id Tech 5 to come out either.

0 votes     reply to comment
fdslk Apr 14 2010 replied:

When the Hell is Id Tech 4 going to be free?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Medevila Apr 24 2010 replied:

ID Tech 5 is supposed to support the "Unlimited Detail" technology. That could be interesting.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Killer_man_1996 Apr 14 2010 replied:

leilei likes troll people don't worry....


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DedMustDie Apr 18 2010 replied:

*OFFTOPIC* I think that guy is onna be the first man on moddb to get atleast -100 votes, let's help him to get -1000!

Great news about engine! Finally we'll be able to create awesome things for free :) Waiting for even more mods and games on CryEngine! =)

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Splinesplitter Apr 18 2010 replied:

Wow... -100 karma, that must hurt.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Radcliff Apr 13 2010 says:

Crytek have ALWAYS spoiled their modders. A free version of CE3 wouldn't surprise me in the least. It will no doubt be watered down compared to the full deal, but I bet you'll still be able to do quite a bit with it. :)

I always told Alex (the old CM) that they better be careful, else people are going to expect too much from them. :D He would always laugh.

+5 votes     reply to comment
s87 Apr 13 2010 says:

Hm ... at least the "but with UDK I can also distribute my mod as standalong game" boys would shut up then ^^

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Zeloutional Apr 13 2010 says:

This is going to be sexy.

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AAAStudios Apr 13 2010 says:

looks insteresting

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