We are enabling everyone to create mobile apps. Our Corona SDK is the world's most advanced development platform and is quickly becoming the industry-standard choice for games, e-books, and other interactive content. Whether you are an enthusiast or a professional, a small team or a big studio, a publisher or an agency, you can quickly and easily create great mobile experiences with Corona. Founded in 2008, Ansca is a venture-backed company based in Palo Alto. In a previous life, our team was responsible for industry-standard authoring tools (Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash Authoring) and runtimes (Flash Lite) at Adobe and Apple.

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Merchant (Mobile)
Merchant (Mobile)

100% - Merchant (Mobile)

4 months ago Released Dec 18, 2014 Single Player Role Playing

Blending together traditional RPG systems, tycoon style mechanics and a fantasy overworld, Merchant aims to reimagine the traditional mobile RPG. In Merchant...

What The Frog
What The Frog

100% - What The Frog

1 year ago Released Jul 18, 2013 Single Player Arcade

The first iPhone game that is controllable with your fist!

Crazy Bats 2
Crazy Bats 2

100% - Crazy Bats 2

3 years ago Released Mar 11, 2012 Single Player Arcade

Discover Crazy Bats, an action game totally crazy! Hordes of bats have invaded your dungeons and robbed your treasures. Use the destructive power of your...

Aspir o Matic
Aspir o Matic

100% - Aspir o Matic

2 years ago Released Oct 22, 2012 Single Player Arcade

In a far away world called PLOONY, lives tiny, nice, soft and smiling creatures, they have fun rolling at high speed inside their green and enchanted...

Don't Touch My Teddy Bear
Don't Touch My Teddy Bear

80% - Don't Touch My Teddy Bear

1 year ago Released Jun 12, 2013 Single Player Arcade

Don’t Touch My Teddy Bear is a single player arcade game where you have to stop some pesky animals, namely a cat, a rabbit and a goat, from touching your...

Walk the Dog
Walk the Dog

70% - Walk the Dog

1 year ago Released Aug 2, 2013 Single Player Arcade

"On a distant farm in faraway country lived a puppy. Every night, looking up at the starry sky, he wanted to fly up, to get to those bright, winking lights...

Ducky Dive
Ducky Dive

60% - Ducky Dive

3 years ago Released May 17, 2012 Single Player Family

Ducky Dive is a simple game, combining realistic buoyancy simulation with intriguing graphic art. Help the duck to dive and catch the fish, while keep...

Wabbit Wars
Wabbit Wars

20% - Wabbit Wars

1 year ago Released Sep 22, 2013 Single Player Tower Defense

Wabbit Wars is a tower defense game with a cute theme: rabbits defending their pile of carrots from the oncoming enemies! Badgers, Foxes, Bobcats and...

Candy Saver 2
Candy Saver 2

0% - Candy Saver 2

3 days ago Released Jan 14, 2015 Single Player Puzzle Compilation

New version of the program completely redesigned. - GAME INSTRUCTIONS - Save the candies you can, knocking down the objects holding the jar of candies...

The Impossible Challenge
The Impossible Challenge

0% - The Impossible Challenge

3 days ago Released Mar 11, 2015 Single Player Arcade

"The Impossible Challenge" is an addictive game of skill and reflexes in which you must survive as long as possible within the limits of the game without...

Candy Rain World
Candy Rain World

0% - Candy Rain World

3 days ago Released Feb 10, 2015 Single Player Adventure

Play the most addictive game of sweets on the smartphone Put your speed and agility to the test Watch out for SMUG!! How to play Catch all the sweets...

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