Construct 2 is an exciting new program that lets you make games — no programming knowledge required! Bundled with over 120 sound effects, loads of original music tracks, ambient atmospheric sounds and sprite packs so you can be making amazing games in minutes! Construct 2's event editor makes building and creating games visual and easy for beginners and advanced users alike. Want to try it out before buying first? There is a completely free version available so everyone can make games! Why not try out some online demos to see the true power of Construct 2? All games are HTML5 - which means they will work on loads of different devices (including your browser of course!) Construct 2 can make platform games, puzzle games, space games, your imagination is the only limit!

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Turmoil Deluxe


Turmoil Deluxe 0 comments

Abit more infos about the Leveleditor and how it works and the hole idea behind it.

Desura Highlight Video - Episode 8

Desura Highlight Video - Episode 8

Desura 1 comment

Just when you thought we had enough, we're here to call your bluff with 2014 first episode of Desura's Weekly Release Highlights. So take a load off and...

Introducing Railroad Dispatcher
Railroad Dispatcher

Introducing Railroad Dispatcher

Railroad Dispatcher 0 comments

Welcome to Railroad Dispatcher - an enjoyably-paced web-based game that puts you in the role of a busy train dispatcher, moving trains into and out of...

Orange Moon - most dangerous
Orange Moon

Orange Moon - most dangerous

Orange Moon 0 comments

Most dangerous creatures that inhabit Orange Moon.

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