cocos2d for iPhone is a framework for building 2D games, demos, and other graphical/interactive applications. It is based on the cocos2d design: it uses the same concepts, but instead of using python it uses objective-c. cocos2d for iPhone is: Easy to use: it uses a familiar API, and comes with lots of examples Fast: it uses the OpenGL ES best practices and optimized data structures Flexible: it is easy to extend, easy to integrate with 3rd party libraries Free: is open source, compatible both with closed and open source games Community supported: cocos2d has an active, big and friendly community (forum, IRC) AppStore approved: More than 2500 AppStore games already use it, including many best seller games. cocos2d for iPhone supports: iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and OS X

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Battlebow: Shoot the Demons
Battlebow: Shoot the Demons

100% - Battlebow: Shoot the Demons

1 year ago Released 2012 Single & Multiplayer Arcade

Battlebow: Shoot the Demons is the perfect blend of the RPG and 2D shooter genre. Tap to aim and shoot, swipe to slash and block! Collect items and level...

Poker Knight
Poker Knight

95% - Poker Knight

2 years ago Released 2012 Single Player Role Playing

Poker Knight is a game that mixes RPG, Puzzle and Poker with breathtaking battles.


95% - Symmetrain

1 year ago Released Oct 30, 2013 Single Player Arcade

Symmetrain is a beautiful puzzle game for the whole family. Choose a train and spot the differences in the passing landscape. The landscape left and right...

Power Berry Jump
Power Berry Jump

100% - Power Berry Jump

3 years ago Released 2012 Single Player Adventure

Power Berry Jump is the story of a fruit character that wants to conquer the galaxies. You can help him by pushing him high into new galaxies with the...

Unstoppable Fist
Unstoppable Fist

100% - Unstoppable Fist

3 years ago Released 2012 Single Player Arcade

The second of Ragtag Studio's small game/experimental App Store releases, Unstoppable Fist is an infinite attack action game that asks players "How Unstoppable...


100% - Pangolin

2 years ago Released 2012 Single Player Arcade

Pangolin is a new indie iOS game created by the interaction design studio, Feedtank. Pangolin is set in a surreal landscape filled with colorful curved...

Little Red Running Hood
Little Red Running Hood

100% - Little Red Running Hood

2 years ago Released Jul 31, 2013 Single Player Platformer

Little Red Running Hood is a platform runner that will make you sweat! It has levels that require more from the player than the usual runners we see on...

Kitty Pig
Kitty Pig

100% - Kitty Pig

1 year ago Released Feb 11, 2014 Single Player Arcade

Kitty Pig is a Super Mario-esque action- puzzler that combines skill-based reward with a tiny margin for error. The challenging gameplay, original music...

REAC - Color Domino
REAC - Color Domino

90% - REAC - Color Domino

2 months ago Released Apr 27, 2015 Single Player Educational

REAC - Color Domino is the ultimate mobile entertainment for those who might prefer a more intellectual approach to pastimes. Designed to be a mind sport...

HUEBRIX: A Twisted Puzzle of Space, Time and Color
HUEBRIX: A Twisted Puzzle of Space, Time and Color

80% - HUEBRIX: A Twisted Puzzle of Space, Time and Color

8 months ago Released 2012 Single Player Puzzle Compilation

* As seen on the New and Noteworthy, What's Hot sections on the App Store! * Casual Connect Europe 2013 Indie Showcase Winner! "The whole casual/hardcore...

Kingdoms Fall
Kingdoms Fall

70% - Kingdoms Fall

2 years ago Released Aug 6, 2013 Single Player Adventure

Kingdoms Fall is an epic new action adventure game. You will get to explore an open world, finding items such as the Boomerang, Bombs, Grappling Hook...

Flippers Ain't Wings
Flippers Ain't Wings

60% - Flippers Ain't Wings

2 years ago Released Feb 23, 2013 Single Player Platformer

In the humble town of Fishport, a catastrophic event has occurred. During a fishing expedition, legendary fisherman Jeff was slain by a giant falling...


30% - Farentia

1 year ago Released May 12, 2014 Single Player Turn Based Tactics

Farentia is a Tactics Turn-Based Strategy game on iPhone. You can fight with various tactics using different elements of your magic and summon.

Atoms NG
Atoms NG

30% - Atoms NG

10 months ago Released Nov 6, 2014 Single & Multiplayer Turn Based Strategy

Atoms NG is a fast moving multiplayer turn-based strategy game for iPhone and iPad. Strategically place your Atoms on the Grid to take control. Start...

Nameless: The Hackers
Nameless: The Hackers

10% - Nameless: The Hackers

1 year ago Released Mar 18, 2013 Single Player Role Playing

Nameless: the Hackers is a cyberpunk themed jRPG style game built for the iOS. It has a deep plot surrounding conspiracies, surveillance, cyber terrorism...


0% - Memoreon

3 months ago Released May 8, 2015 Single Player Cinematic

Memoreon is a fast and intense, hard-to-beat visual memory game. The fastest one in the cosmos, in fact.

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