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Gajatix Software is proud to present our latest technology, Caffeinated3D (C3D)! This is a brand new game programming language which captures the true essence of simplicity with power. Much like the BlitzBasic languages, C3D lends itself to a very easy structure so that developers with little or no experience can jump straight in and be able to create complex programs with the same power as c++ without all the headaches. Backed up by the Vulkan API for advanced rendering, C3D can create beautiful real time graphics that rivals modern game engines!

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What is
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One of the first of its kind in the modern era of software development. Caffeinated3D allows you to code your games using an easy to use language that has the raw power of C++ without needing to know all the technical stuff that would take years to learn. Backed-Up by the Vulkan & OpenGL API's the ability to create real-time beautiful graphics is so simple, it requires only 1 line of code. We've been developing our Physically Based Rendering system for a long time and when we tested it, not only were the results awesome, but extremely fast as well, even faster than other popular modern engines.

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But we didn't stop there, being able to develop games with no limits on genre, features and beauty is one thing, but being able to do it quickly is another. Caffeinated3D has lots of different methods to speed this up with optional convenience functions, such as the EnterMainLoop. It will set up the main loop of your project for you, along with multi-threading, updating frame buffers, delta time, the list goes on. And it's all done with 1 line of code. But most impressive of all is the Realtime Collaboration System. This doesn't mean a fancy version of GitHub for your source code, this means your team of developers can all connect to one project at the same time, edit the code together, design the environments together, craft your interface together, do anything and everything in the engine together. In realtime.


So now you have High Performance, Dazzling Rendering & Unlimited Power. But something no other engine seems to provide solutions for is distribution. One of the biggest problems Indie Developers have is encrypting their project so that when they release their game no one can steal any of their work. Well Caffeinated3D has you covered there as well. Although there are several executable virtualisation software's available, the good ones cost a lot of money & are rarely cross-platform. With this technology, when building a release version of your game you have the option to encrypt every file using a cipher of your choice making the encryption unbreakable by anyone without it.

Caffeinated3D takes into account every step of the development cycle giving you a headache free experience building complicated systems so that you can make your dreams, a reality. But such a thing needs to be tested first hand by you to understand what it is capable of. It is for that reason why Free Licensing is available for those who want to see exactly what they are getting themselves into before making an commitments.


Caffeinated3D has various licensing options available each suited towards a different purpose and affordable to any studio both large and small.


(Licensing prices may change before coming into action)

Community & Resources!

Caffeinated3D has a live community forum where developers can discuss and show off their work as well as act as an excellent source of information and direct contact with the developers. The engine comes with full documentation explaining how everything works however we also have the Wiki which contains even more information where the community can expand based on their own experiences!

Join us on Steam to be closer and more up-to-date with everything and everyone 'C3D', steam players: Steamcommunity.com


Release Dates

Caffeinated3D has a long way to come before it will be finished but its closer than you may think. We have already begun Alpha testing to eliminate as many bugs as possible and the results have been impressive in both performance and overall quality!

We are hoping to release the Public Beta for the engine mid 2017 however no date has been set yet.

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C3DNew up rezed   Copy

Over the past few weeks we’ve been pushing ourselves that much further to ensure that everything would be ready on time for the Stage 2 Alpha. As a result lots of bugs have been squashed along with a plethora of new & fixed functions. Interface got a complete rework, making it a lot more efficient and diverse with the choice of widgets. Project Encryption has also gone into the works. With the completion of string encryption, we applied our same formula for files and assets so that once you finish your game, you won’t have to worry about encrypting all your files!

ANNOUNCEMENT - Alpha Stage 2 has Begun!

The Stage 2 Alpha is finally here, 50 developers from various engines have signed up to test & try out what our technology can do!

We’re eager to hear their feedback and what they achieve! :D

ANNOUNCEMENT - Caffeinated3D Site is LIVE!

It’s been under-development for a long time and it’s finally ready to be shown off! You’ll be able to find full details about our technology, how it works, why we made it and most importantly, what it can do!


ANNOUNCEMENT - Support us on Patreon!

With things getting closer and closer to the final release this year the costs have really started to rack up. We do have a small but stable budget supporting this project but we could really do with more funding. So if you believe in Caffeinated3D, please take a look at our Patreon page and help us make Caffeinated3D a reality!

NEW TOOL - World Editor

The World Editor is something every engine needs to allow the developers to quickly design and create their environments. While Caffeinated3D’s World Editor is still being developed its getting close and will soon be released for the Alpha testers to try!

WorldEditor RoadMap

NEW TOOL - Texture Welder

The Texture Welder is something we have added to make life much much easier for you if you are using the engine’s PBR pipeline and not your own. So that performance remains at its best our PBR Pipeline uses 3 texture with all 9 shader maps (Albedo, Normal, Roughness, Metalness, Height, Cavity, Ambient Occlusion, Emissive & Alpha) slotted into the RGBA channels of each of these 3 textures. While this does boost performance significantly it can be a tedious process for you to prepare these textures for every material you have to make. This is where the Texture Welder comes in. All you have to do is select your various shader maps and it will export the 3 textures correctly packaged ready for you to start using straight away!

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Physically Based Rendering is dependent on a proper lighting system to be able to produce results using its full potential, and while this system does have a long way to go the results so far have been awesome!

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6 1

NEW FEATURE - Version Management

To make your life easier, the engine is now equipped with a version patcher that will check for any updates when the engine starts. If it finds one it will notify you and give you the option to download. Projects made on earlier versions of the engine will need to be converted to become compatible with the engine updates. Fortunately this is all done automatically for you and keeps a backup of your previously installed version in case you want to switch back at any time!

UPDATED - Material Functions

With our PBR system getting very close to being finished we’ve recently updated it and made it work very nicely with Material Blending. GaborD one of the Alpha testers and now new Developer made a short video showing off this system in action:

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12 1

UPDATED - Interface Revamp

It was only last patch notes when we introduced the interface system and since then we’ve already rebuilt it from scratch. Seems counter productive but what we had in place just simply wasn’t good enough. The new system is much more efficient supports a lot more default widgets and is generally all round better than before!

UPDATED - Project Manager & Definitions List

We’ve touched up the panels so that navigation of your project, assets and code is now much much easier and more efficient. We’ve also added a Global List to work with the Function list so you can easily navigate your functions as well as all your handles.

11 1

New Functions

(See full Function List: Docs.google.com )


  • Truncate
  • IndexOf
  • Contains
  • Encrypt
  • Decrypt


  • CreateWidget
  • CreateUIWindow
    • MinimiseUIWindow
    • MaximiseUIWindow
    • CloseUIWindow
  • CreateImageView
    • SetViewImage
  • CreateButton
    • SetButtonText
    • GetButtonText
    • SetButtonDraggable
  • CreateCheckBox
    • SetCheckBoxText
    • GetCheckBoxText
    • SetChecked(handle, bool)
    • IsChecked
  • CreateColorWheel
    • SetWheelColor
    • SetWheelRed
    • SetWheelGreen
    • SetWheelBlue
    • SetWheelAlpha
    • GetWheelColor
    • GetWheelRed
    • GetWheelGreen
    • GetWheelBlue
    • GetWheelAlpha
  • CreateForm
    • AddGroup
    • AddVariable
      • AddVariableI
      • AddVariableS
      • AddVariableE
      • AddVariableB
      • AddVariableC
      • AddVariableSb
      • AddVariableD
      • AddVariableFb
      • AddButton
  • CreateLineEdit
    • SetLineText
    • GetLineText
    • SetLineReadOnly
    • SetLineFormat
    • GetLineFormat
    • SetLineUnit
    • GetLineUnit
    • SetLineAllignment
    • GetLineAllignment
  • CreateSpinBox
    • SetSpinValue
    • SetSpinMaxValue
    • SetSpinMinValue
    • GetSpinValue
    • SetSpinStepValue
    • SetSpinEditable
  • CreateDoubleSpinBox
    • SetDSpinValue
    • SetDSpinMaxValue
    • SetDSpinMinValue
    • GetDSpinValue
    • SetDSpinStepValue
    • SetDSpinEditable
  • CreateSlider
    • SetSliderValue
    • SetSliderMinValue
    • SetSliderMaxValue
    • GetSliderValue
    • GetMinValue
    • GetMaxValue
  • CreateLabel
    • SetLabelText
    • GetLabelText
    • SetLabelFont
    • GetLabelFont
    • SetLabelColor
    • GetLabelColor
  • CreateProgressBar
    • SetProgressBarValue


  • LoadShader
  • SetMaterialShader
  • GetDefaultMeshShader
  • CopyShader


  • CreateMaterial
  • AddTexture
  • AddCubemap
  • SetSampler
  • SetMat4
  • SetVec3
  • SetFloat
  • SetMeshMaterial

Fixed Functions


  • KeyUp
  • MouseDown
  • MouseHit
  • MouseUp
  • MouseX
  • MouseY
  • MouseMoveX
  • MouseMoveY


  • Pause
  • SetLateUpdateFunction
  • GetWindowDefaultWorld
  • SetWindowDefaultWorld


  • TranslateEntity
  • MoveEntity
  • TranslateEntity
  • EntityXPos
  • EntityYPos
  • EntityZPos
  • TurnEntity
  • EntityPitch
  • EntityYaw
  • EntityRoll
  • EntityXRot
  • EntityYRot
  • EntityZRot
  • ScaleEntity
  • EntityXScale
  • EntityYScale
  • EntityZScale
  • SetEnityPosition
  • SetEntityXPos
  • SetEntityYPos
  • SetEntityZPos
  • SetEntityScale
  • SetEntityXScale
  • SetEntityYScale
  • SetEntityZScale
  • SetEntityRotation
  • SetEntityPitch
  • SetEntityYaw
  • SetEntityRool
  • SetEntityXRot
  • SetEntityYRot
  • SetEntityZRot


  • ReleaseTexture
  • TextureWidth
  • TextureHeight


  • ReleaseMesh

Removed Functions


  • MouseXSpeed (redundant)
  • MouseYSpeed (redundant)


  • EntityAlpha (redundant)
  • GetEntityAlpha (redundant)
  • SetEntityTexture (redundant)


  • CreateTexture (redundant)
  • PositionTexture (redundant)
  • ScaleTexture (redundant)
  • CopyTexture (redundant)
  • ClearTextureFilters (redundant)


  • CreateTable(Replaced by GridLayout)
    • InsertRow
    • InsertColumn
    • DeleteRow
    • DeleteColumn
    • TableInsertWidget
  • CreateGroupBox (Replaced by GroupLayout)
    • GetText
    • SetText
  • SetLineMask (redundant)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where mathematical expressions weren’t being calculated in the correct order.
  • Fixed bug where string autocompletion wasn’t inputting the correct data
  • Fixed bug where Else If would only work if called once.
  • Fixed bug where the Find & Replace system caused strange performance issues.
  • Fixed bug where the Function List started adding random null text at the end of each function
  • Fixed Memory Leak caused when opening and closing files.

What’s Next?

Collaborative Editing has been something we’ve slowly been working on in the background and have already made some decent strides into getting it to work perfectly but it certainly needs more time. Given that the base for the engine is now completed we will be spending more time and resources into finishing this system.

14 1

Audio is something we’ve touched on and pushed to the side in the past but now we have very fortunately gained an engine license for FMOD audio library. This means not only will Caffeinated 3D have industry standard audio but also give you the power to have a master controller of your game while it's running allowing you to get your audio perfect for every scene as well as a fully integrated audio suite!

Caffeinated 3D v0.9.5 Patch notes! ~ Physically Based Rendering, Asset Repository & Licensing!

Caffeinated 3D v0.9.5 Patch notes! ~ Physically Based Rendering, Asset Repository & Licensing!


With the integration of the visual editor, we’ve started bringing it to life starting with the interface editor! You can now easily manipulate your...

Caffeinated 3D v0.9.0 Patch notes! ~ Alpha Stage 1, Performance Boosts, Vulkan!

Caffeinated 3D v0.9.0 Patch notes! ~ Alpha Stage 1, Performance Boosts, Vulkan!


We’ve made a lot of progress last month and it was time for a performance patch! We’ve dedicated ourselves to make Caffeinated3D more stable, perform...

Caffeinated 3D v0.8.0 Patch notes! ~ Visual Editor, Project Architecture & Collaborative Editing!

Caffeinated 3D v0.8.0 Patch notes! ~ Visual Editor, Project Architecture & Collaborative Editing!


After careful deliberation and thought, we’ve decided to merge our two flagship projects into one. CAPI has been discontinued but not forgotten as we...

Caffeinated 3D v0.7.0 Patch notes! ~ New Tools, New Functions, New Features

Caffeinated 3D v0.7.0 Patch notes! ~ New Tools, New Functions, New Features


With the core of C3D now in place we started tending to the 2D visuals in particular this past month. As well as migrating our 3D system to our new and...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 13)

The Website is Offline?

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Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Got a bunch of questions about Caffeinated 3d. I just want to make sure that it is the right engine for me.

1. Are there any plans for a visual scripting system?
2. Does Caffeinated 3d have an entity component system built in?
3. Do you have any plans for nested prefabs?
4. What are your plans for open world / large scene support?
5. Are there any plans for a node based shader editor or Material editor?
6. What are your plans for Global Illumination?
7. Do you plan on having a plugin system similar to Unreal Engine?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Cysis145 Creator

1) We are unsure at this stage but we may explore later down the line.
2) Most Definitely, the entire engine uses Object Based systems.
3) Yep but we named it after the C++ variation as a Parenting System
4) Already Done
5) This is something planned for the future but as it stands it currently doesn't have one yet.
6) We already have a realtime global illumination system in place that needs some work but is running very smoothly already :D
7) Yup, this can be achieved via custom dlls created using the c# interpreter or the c++ sdk

Reply Good karma+2 votes

New video is uploaded for some smartblending! Pretty water P:

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Can you please tell where I can download the installer for the engine? I can't seem to find them anywhere on the site.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

I think it is currently like... in closed alpha testing

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Looks really good, but you should think a bit more about the pricing. This is still in alpha and you are asking for 650$ for a full package. There are much better alternatives on the market than this, for free. Unreal, Unity, Cryengine, Lumberyard and the upcoming Source 2.
I don't want to dissapoint you, because I'm looking forward to try this and I would be happy build a test scenery in your engine.
Oh, and if I can have one suggestion, you should really think about a multiplayer map editor, it would make it pretty unique because it's still a rare feature to be able to edit a map/level with other ppl at the same time. Building a level is really time consuming, especially if you are working alone.

I wish you the bests!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Cysis145 Creator

The licensing does not come into play until the full release date. People kept asking about costs so we just released the prices early. The alpha is free.

And the Environment designer will be just that. We've already started working on it and it will be ready for the Beta in Summer 2017 along with the Collaboration tools so you can work along side other developers in realtime both in the visual and code editors

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Very cool, where/when can we download demo's?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Cysis145 Creator

If you are referring to the scenes we made, then you can't download them yet. The scenes contain some purchased Assets to save us time but it means we need to encrypt the files so that you can run the game and see how it performs. Since Encryption is next on the to-do list we're going to get that working then release the demo scenes for you to download :)

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