GameStudio A7 is mature, stable and complete game development solution, powered by -C like- Atari Lite-C language. Suite includes not-so-fancy model editor for creating and importing models, a world editor creating levels, and a full featured Script Editor with highlighting for Lite-C and HLSL, and command help. Features the Acknex 7 engine, an engine using Directx 9 for graphics with full shader support, ODE physics engine, particle emitters, complete multiplayer capabilities and plugin support. Comes in variety of licensing options, all royalty-free including the free version.

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The Sims 3
The Sims 3

85% - The Sims 3

3 months ago Released Jun 3, 2009 Single Player Realistic Sim

Unleash your creativity with The Sims 3. Customise everything and create anyone. Explore new locations. Be a thief, rockstar or world leader and pick...

SGC 3D Simulator
SGC 3D Simulator

89% - SGC 3D Simulator

5 years ago Released Mar 26, 2006 Single Player Futuristic Sim

SGC 3D Simulator is a simulation game in three dimensions allowing the player to embody Walter Harriman, many features are proposed as sending a MALP...

Aaaaa! -- A Reckless Disregard for Gravity
Aaaaa! -- A Reckless Disregard for Gravity

83% - Aaaaa! -- A Reckless Disregard for Gravity

1 year ago Released Sep 2, 2009 Single Player Futuristic Sim

Dive off a skyscraper. Spraypaint buildings. Flip off protesters. The jumps you make off buildings floating above Boston, Massachusetts are all about...

Dark Shadows - Army of Evil
Dark Shadows - Army of Evil

39% - Dark Shadows - Army of Evil

9 months ago Released Nov 28, 2012 Single Player Hack 'n' Slash

September 1362 Dark Shadows - Army of Evil takes you back to September 1362. A horde of monsters has been ravaging the country like a plague of locusts...


100% - PutUp

5 years ago Released Dec 9, 2009 Single Player Party

PutUp is an exciting and funny game in Puzzle/Match-3 style. Control a little, orange, funny being and collect as much goods you can. There are three...


94% - Cubme

5 years ago Released Sep 24, 2009 Single Player Puzzle Compilation

Winter is comming. Can't wait for it? Feel and enjoy winter spirit playing CUBME. Do puzzles in snow, collect snowflakes, ride with sledge, earn trophies...

Tacataca ProExperimental
Tacataca ProExperimental

68% - Tacataca ProExperimental

3 years ago Released Aug 2, 2010 Single & Multiplayer Realistic Sim

This videogame is an incredibly addictive 3D Football Simulator (table soccer, table football or taca taca) in real time with Amazing Graphics. You will...

Hijack is forbidden!
Hijack is forbidden!

100% - Hijack is forbidden!

1 year ago Released Jun 18, 2010 Single Player First Person Shooter

This game is about a man's wife that Was killed by a criminal group many years ago... The man is a police now... one day , he was in a commercial Aircraft...

Monster Mega Mayhem
Monster Mega Mayhem

100% - Monster Mega Mayhem

3 years ago Released Oct 30, 2007 Single Player Arcade

Maiming, killing, wreaking havoc. Monster stuff ya know... That is exactly what you do in this game. Select your Monster (Scarecrow, Vampire, Frankensteins...

Marble Ball Dash
Marble Ball Dash

100% - Marble Ball Dash

2 years ago Released Sep 3, 2010 Single Player Arcade

The game principle is simple: "Collect the specified number of coins within a given time and finish the level." The game has 10 levels with increasing...

Funny Pizza Land
Funny Pizza Land

80% - Funny Pizza Land

2 years ago Released Oct 20, 2002 Single Player Adventure

FPL is a 3D adventure game in a surrealistic comic world.

The Sealed City Episode 1
The Sealed City Episode 1

80% - The Sealed City Episode 1

2 weeks ago Released Nov 16, 2014 Single Player Adventure

This is the first episode of my (short) game project which is designed as three episodes. Scenario: An intelligent agent, who is on duty in Libya, goes...

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SGC 3D Simulator
SGC 3D Simulator Single Player Futuristic Sim
The Sims 3
The Sims 3 Single Player Realistic Sim
Stargate : The New Enemy
Stargate : The New Enemy Single & Multiplayer First Person Shooter
Funny Pizza Land
Funny Pizza Land Single Player Adventure
The Sealed City Episode 1
The Sealed City Episode 1 Single Player Adventure
CSiS - Combat Simulation System
CSiS - Combat Simulation System Multiplayer Combat Sim
Aaaaa! -- A Reckless Disregard for Gravity
Aaaaa! -- A Reckless Disregard for Gravity Single Player Futuristic Sim
Sergeant Rampage
Sergeant Rampage Single Player Arcade
Downside Evil
Downside Evil Single Player Adventure
Dark Shadows - Army of Evil
Dark Shadows - Army of Evil Single Player Hack 'n' Slash