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Sep 24th, 2013
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This version fixes a lot of bugs. Interestingly enough, mouse wheel zooming and camera rotating are available in the sequencer/collision editor and the built-in graphics editor now. Subscribers have a lot more power with iOS and Android - with new auto-rotating options. They also get to test out shooting up/down on the Z-axis finally (to really take advantage of making an FPS of some kind or platformers). They can also launch web-pages for their games or access web-sites to deal with highscores and other online features. And lastly, they can be the first to try out the new polygon zone and blocking objects in the map editor. I've exposed almost all subscription features. I constantly get e-mails about how 001 should have this and that, when it's already available (as a beta or permanently a subscription feature). This will also help users who have been around for a long time for a little taste of what supporting this project does for you.


-Fixed defaulting to deleting graphics if any changes have been originally been made to options.
-Fixed crash when making changes to options.
-Added "Jumped" actor use value to determine if an actor is in the middle of a jump or not (to better evaluate when you can jump again without relying on movement/velocity use values).
-Made all subscription-only and beta features visible to the public, as there seems to be very little awareness from new users of what 001 is capable of.
-Fixed grid in sequence / collision editor when zoomed out.
-Fixed issues with mouswheel not consistently working under certain circumstances.
-Added zooming with mousewheel to sequencer / collision editor.
-Added 3D camera rotation in sequencer / collision editor (middle-click + shift keys).

-Fixed showing black text on triggers that had deleted scripts.
-Fixed crash when sharing scripts that contained deleted events.
-Fixed many missing descriptions.
-Fixed crash when a file cannot be saved.
-Made "Optimize Resources" and "Generate Resources for Devices" perform considerably faster.
-Fixed showing both display name and scripting ID for custom events when the only distinction is underscores.
-Fixed not updating "Retrieve Collection" caption after changing it in the field editor.
-Fixed resource picking windows causing crashes when coming from a resource picker.
-Fixed showing incorrect version of a map/interface in event windows when there is a map and an interface named the same and the incorrect version is currently being edited.
-Added zooming with mousewheel to graphics editor.


-Fixed detecting whether an actor has left/entered screen or been clicked on when using non-per-pixel by using visual area instead of collision area.
-Fixed crash when using "Play Sprite" event with a sprite that does not exist.
-Fixed inaccurate error or crash when aborting/ignoring an infinite loop error.
-Fixed not moving sprites on interfaces that used "Play Sprite".
-Fixed "Table Axis Loop" event.

-Fixed pick-ups from displaying incorrectly in certain views (especially 3D).
-Fixed actors changed to sustain from constantly playing their falling/jumping pose.
-Made seeking weapons work on Z-axis as well.
-Fixed sound/music scripting errors when testing with disabled sound/music loading.
-Fixed "Equipment" use value from not allowing to check against "(None)" item.
-Made "Edit" and "Edit (w/ Alpha)" (which didn't really work as described) for graphics be "Edit" to edit an image as is, and "Edit (no alpha)" to edit the image as a BMP with magic pink for users of software that does not support alpha.


-Added "Launch Webpage in Browser" event.
-Replaced database events with internet access events for security and lag reasons.

-Added "Unload Map on Exit (Non-Persistent Map)" map option, to reduce RAM usage and save game size.
-Added "Unload Map" event.
-Added "Isometric" map/camera view.
-Added "Character Fade" and "Full Fade" text display styles for fields.

-Added "Stop Forces" actor event to cancel "Push" and "Slide" actor events.
-Added polygon zones and polygon blockings to map editor.
-Added "Walk to Cursor" event that greatly simplifies mouse/touch movement.
-Added "Portrait Auto" and "Landscape Auto" game orientations.
-Added aiming/looking angle event and use value for actors so they can shoot up/down on the z-axis.



-Fixed surprising rotation dials in sequence editor.
-Fixed resizing map's top-left boundaries when there are any zones in the map.
-Made it error when attempting to add holding points to a sequenceless sequence.
-Made zones use less memory.
-Fixed being unable to use Page Up/Page Down keys while using the "Actor Route" tool without having already selected an actor.
-Fixed collision editing in front view.
-Made "Copy Script\" actor route button have a more descriptive name (with tooltip) and produce an actual "Take Specific Movements" event that can be pasted in a graphical script, rather than useless text scripting.
-Added "Video Tutorials" to the "Help" menu and the "Open Game" window.
-Added "Beginner's Tutorial" to the "Open Game" window.
-Fixed default alignment of sprites in front view.

-Fixed another issue with "Table Axis Loop" event.
-Fixed rotation ordering with sprite rotation use values (now Z-Y-X instead of Y-X-Z).
-Fixed occasional crash with "Random Weights (1 to n, Different)" use value and "Random Probabilities Branch" event with "Diffent" set.
-Fixed twitching ramp climbing.

-Added "Direction (Y)" geometry use value to greatly simplify changing the aiming/looking direction.
-Added direct point routes.

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001 Game Creator v1.012.017
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