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Quest Of Antheia
Quest Of Antheia

Quest Of Antheia

Nov 11, 2012 Quest Of Antheia Full Version (30.09mb) 0 comments

This is the full version of the game. We hope you enjoy it!

BAEL's Children - Prologue
BAEL's Children

BAEL's Children - Prologue

Nov 11, 2012 BAEL's Children Demo (14.38mb) 0 comments

A short prologue to the main story. Play through the eyes of Jade, a young girl who has a desire to make life better in the slums of Rivercity. With a...

Gunman Chronicles (Steam)

Gunman Chronicles (Steam)

Nov 11, 2012 Gunman Chaos Patch (0.01mb) 3 comments

Вышел Патч Для Gunman Теперь Вы Можете Играть Со Steam'ом

GTA: Deus Ex demo
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

GTA: Deus Ex demo

Nov 11, 2012 GTA: Deus Ex Demo (0.16mb) 4 comments

this is a short demo for a big project. features 5 missions and 4 augmentations. Needs cleo and dyom installed.

The Dance Macabre: Public Beta 1
Dawn of War

The Dance Macabre: Public Beta 1

Nov 11, 2012 The Dance Macabre - Harlequins Mod for Soulstorm Full Version (161.48mb) 24 comments

The Dance Macabre Modification adds the Harlequins as a new playable race to your Dawn of War: Soulstorm 1.20 game. The Harlequins are a mysterious faction...

BetaMod 0.4
C&C Generals: Zero Hour

BetaMod 0.4

Nov 10, 2012 BetaMod Demo (203.99mb) 4 comments

since 0.3... Footmen Infiltration now works properly- Nuke Hunters now have normal rockets that leave radiation, but a new upgrade, Neutron tipped Rockets...

DSA Kosch2 v0b

DSA Kosch2 v0b

Nov 10, 2012 DSA Kosch2 Demo (37.21mb) 0 comments

Updated city of Ferdok. Ugdan Hafen, Fuhrmannsheim and Praiosplatz are now included and can be visited. You'll need the expansion Shivering Isles. It's...

Sonic blitz ultra full download

Sonic blitz ultra full download

Nov 10, 2012 Day Dreamer Games Full Version (384.89mb) 8 comments

I added all the good stage files I could find to this for it to be enertaining to you all, please read the readme in the download for further info.

Superior AI Brutal AI
C&C: Red Alert 3

Superior AI Brutal AI

Nov 10, 2012 Jonny's Superior AI Full Version (0.63mb) 3 comments

For fighting against brutal AI, they now gain 4x normal income. AI adjusted to make use of the extra cash in their openings. Good luck!

Walls: Descent into Madness v 1.0
Walls: Descent into Madness

Walls: Descent into Madness v 1.0

Nov 10, 2012 Walls: Descent into Madness Full Version (38.05mb) 0 comments

Its finally Finished! Report any bugs with comments and private messages. Credits go to Isaiahere and Zombine3d.

300 Warlords of Sparta
Rome: Total War

300 Warlords of Sparta

Nov 10, 2012 300 Warlords of Sparta Full Version (195.64mb) 15 comments

Inspired by the legend of Leonidas and the brave 300. You can control a 'Spartan' led Greek alliance in a war to liberate Greece, or bring the children...

WargameProject v0.7.27.904

WargameProject v0.7.27.904

Nov 10, 2012 WargameProject Full Version (19.89mb) 0 comments

This release includes many bug fixes, stability improvements and also adds some interesting game features.

Supanova Brisbane 2012

Supanova Brisbane 2012

Nov 10, 2012 Cyclic Productions Movies (1,834.20mb) 0 comments

This is some raw 3d video from my visit to Supanova brisbane 2012

Roll On The Floor demo 1
Roll On The Floor

Roll On The Floor demo 1

Nov 10, 2012 Roll On The Floor Demo (0.02mb) 0 comments

first demo of Roll On The Floor. There is only 1 level.

Adaptive Event-Driven Slomo 1.1

Adaptive Event-Driven Slomo 1.1

Nov 10, 2012 Adaptive Event-Driven Slomo Full Version (0.01mb) 0 comments

1) Backup the Oblivion.ini (located at My Games\Oblivion) 2) Place the file to Data folder 3) Activate the plugin from Launcher 4) Customize it from game...

As Expected
Amnesia: The Dark Descent

As Expected

Nov 10, 2012 As Expected Full Version (23.12mb) 2 comments

Make your way through the mental hospital and delve into castle dungeons in this Custom story, hunting an escaped mentally ill patient (note: fixed version...

Left 4 Theft: San Andreas Version 3.0
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Left 4 Theft: San Andreas Version 3.0

Nov 10, 2012 Left 4 Theft: San Andreas Full Version (60.54mb) 45 comments

!!!IMPORTANT: Version 3.0 contains gamebreaking bugs and crashes, download 3.1!!!

Vox v0.20

Vox v0.20

Nov 10, 2012 Vox Demo (11.81mb) 3 comments

Big update that contains a lot of new features and tons of bugfixes. New graphical shaders and enhancements to the world generation.

Will you ever return?
Will you ever return?

Will you ever return?

Nov 9, 2012 Will you ever return? Full Version (183.21mb) 3 comments

And now he's picking up the skulls and making the circle in Inferno so that he might revisit Jenny on that holiest of nights Halloween. Virgil is there...

Battle Corp Prototype Version 1.0.1
Battle Corp

Battle Corp Prototype Version 1.0.1

Nov 9, 2012 Battle Corp Demo (0.96mb) 0 comments

A small update that changes the server the version check happens on as well as small file changes.

Hotel Hades 2 v1.11

Hotel Hades 2 v1.11

Nov 9, 2012 Full Version (65.32mb) 1 comment

1.08 adds Antique store with legendary and unique (NEW!) items,so you'll have something to do with all of those extra gems. More lighting conversions...

Covenge Alpha Version

Covenge Alpha Version

Nov 9, 2012 Covenge Demo (10.85mb) 1 comment

First public demo of Covenge! This version has two arenas playable in versus mode, 7 weapons and 3 types of bombs. Call a friend and try it!

Race Driver: Grid


Nov 9, 2012 Race Driver:GRID Demolition Derby Mod Full Version (0.53mb) 3 comments

All cars are in the demolition derby.Enjoy your crashes:) Just put it in your Race Driver GRID location in database folder .

Prototype 0.01b
Freq Leak

Prototype 0.01b

Nov 9, 2012 Freq Leak Demo (0.06mb) 0 comments

Nothing playable yet, just the framework for planes.

Sins of Pirates v1.15
Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion

Sins of Pirates v1.15

Nov 9, 2012 Sins of Pirates Full Version (120.99mb) 0 comments

This is a complete version for v 1.1. Complete change lists that I can remember as I don't keep track of them all, some will be listed below

Windows Executable
Future Runner

Windows Executable

Nov 9, 2012 Future Runner Demo (13.04mb) 0 comments

Unzip and copy the contents to a location. Put Runner.exe and Runner_Data into the same location in order to run properly.

Mac Bundle
Future Runner

Mac Bundle

Nov 9, 2012 Future Runner Demo (13.70mb) 0 comments

Mac Bundle zipped up. Unzip and run from any location.

Build and Beat Alpha Installer 1.00
Build and Beat

Build and Beat Alpha Installer 1.00

Nov 9, 2012 Build and Beat Demo (173.72mb) 0 comments

This is the very first Alpha build. Windows Vista SP2 or Win 7 is required. Resolutions below 1024x768 is playable but not supported. All current content...

Pioneer Alpha 28

Pioneer Alpha 28

Nov 9, 2012 Pioneer Demo (172.07mb) 0 comments

Here it is Pioneer Fans! This months (windows) Alpha 28 build. Safe flying out there! ;)

LemmingBall Merged V-3.0 (.ZIP)
Lemmingball Z

LemmingBall Merged V-3.0 (.ZIP)

Nov 9, 2012 LBZ'S MODPACK Full Version (64.34mb) 14 comments

Greetings, the third installment of the Merged version as you can see, has been completed. This time, many things were added, new moves, new character...

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