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Star Trek: Continuum - Release ALPHA
Homeworld 2

Star Trek: Continuum - Release ALPHA

Aug 19, 2011 Star Trek: Continuum Full Version (352.26mb) 18 comments

This is a full standalone installer version with a launcher and the option to scale back to default shaders and fonts if your system has trouble with...

VTFEdit 1.3.3

VTFEdit 1.3.3

Aug 19, 2011 Source Graphics Tool (2.06mb) 6 comments

VTFEdit is a VTF texture conversion utility with a graphical interface. It can convert to and from and view all versions of the Valve Texture Format...

Alpha 9
Survivors of Ragnarök

Alpha 9

Aug 19, 2011 Survivors of Ragnarök Demo (5.01mb) 2 comments

Please remember this is a very, very alpha release, Borderline pre-alpha. We release this in hopes we can share our progress every step of the way during...

Build 0005
Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword

Build 0005

Aug 19, 2011 Erebus in the Balance Full Version (543.12mb) 2 comments

The first stand-alone build of EitB. Major changes from previous build include a repricing and reorganization of the tech tree and some buffs to boarding...

New Alone In The Dark 1.0

New Alone In The Dark 1.0

Aug 19, 2011 New Alone In The Dark Full Version (17.34mb) 0 comments

Installation under Windows. You can choose a folder and additional components. After installation use blaunch.exe for start BAITD.

[Update] New Alone In The Dark 1.1

[Update] New Alone In The Dark 1.1

Aug 18, 2011 New Alone In The Dark Patch (2.72mb) 0 comments

NEW ALONE IN THE DARK v1.1 This update includes big improvements of a gameplay and addition of new weapon or functions.

18-08 Release
Quake III Arena

18-08 Release

Aug 18, 2011 Project RDX Demo (47.43mb) 3 comments

Release with many serious or trivial bugs fixed, and some attempts at performance improvement.

When Worlds Collide Module System
Mount & Blade

When Worlds Collide Module System

Aug 18, 2011 Mobile Fighter G Gundam: When Worlds Collide Source Code (0.60mb) 0 comments

I decided to release the module system for When Worlds Collide. So here it is just encase some of you wanted it.

Typical Disaster

Typical Disaster

Aug 18, 2011 Typical Disaster Full Version (2.02mb) 6 comments

Oh no! The disaster is really gonna happen, it's just a matter of time!

Movie Battles II v0.0.3 - Server Side Patch
Star Wars: Jedi Academy

Movie Battles II v0.0.3 - Server Side Patch

Aug 18, 2011 Movie Battles II Server (1.54mb) 0 comments

This is a patch for server side only to fix a recent exploit in the game! See full description below about the patch!

America Fast Build Mod
C&C Generals: Zero Hour

America Fast Build Mod

Aug 17, 2011 C&C Generals: Zero Hour Full Version (0.22mb) 5 comments

Its the Fast Build Mod made for American Factions Only! This simple mod makes everything on the USA Factions Only $0 and built in 0 seconds. All you do...

The white box

The white box

Aug 17, 2011 Full Version (239.07mb) 1 comment

I do not own any of these mods credit goes to them

Unit Size Mod v1.0
Empire: Total War

Unit Size Mod v1.0

Aug 17, 2011 Unit Size Mod Demo (0.00mb) 2 comments

this is the first release for my unit size mod. there will be more release's soon.



Aug 17, 2011 CryENGINE 3 SDK (658.58mb) 30 comments

Anyone can now download a full version of the best All-In-One Game Development Engine, for free and use it without charge for non-commercial game development...

Foraven's re-balance mod (FRB)
Star Ruler

Foraven's re-balance mod (FRB)

Aug 17, 2011 Foraven's re-balance mod (FRB) Full Version (19.03mb) 0 comments

What this mod is about. I made this mod to create a more balanced and fair gameplay for SR. This mod also try to be a bit more realistic in what is actually...

Yellow Submarine Alpha
Aerial Assault

Yellow Submarine Alpha

Aug 17, 2011 Aerial Assault Demo (6.37mb) 0 comments

This is a basic version of the game. It shows the nice blow up effects and the cool bubbles and debris and stuff. Shoot torpedoes with ctrl, move with...

RoN Intro - Compat w/
Civilization IV

RoN Intro - Compat w/

Aug 17, 2011 Civilization IV Movies (74.34mb) 0 comments

A resource for CIV. It is fully compatible with CIV after unzipping.

Fear of  War V.1.0
Counter-Strike 2D

Fear of War V.1.0

Aug 17, 2011 The Fear of War (CS2D MOD) Full Version (24.61mb) 0 comments

This is the First released version...V1.1 COMING SOON!

Dexxx Blowout & Dezowave Psyzone Merge (1.0)
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl

Dexxx Blowout & Dezowave Psyzone Merge (1.0)

Aug 17, 2011 MAX Blowout Mod Full Version (3.12mb) 0 comments

This is the initial version, just a merge without any additions.

Project Float Demo V 1.0 (PC)
Project Float

Project Float Demo V 1.0 (PC)

Aug 17, 2011 Project Float Demo (8.03mb) 2 comments

Project Float demo version 1.0. Displaying the first theme of the game. (read more for hint on how to get to levels)

Superman Mod

Superman Mod

Aug 17, 2011 Lamecraft Superman Mod Demo (3.04mb) 2 comments

Superman Mod version 0.1 with first realesed doors, still buggy!

The IV Chamber Demo
The IV Chamber

The IV Chamber Demo

Aug 17, 2011 The IV Chamber Demo (472.24mb) 1 comment

The IV Chamber Demo READ ME!!! Make a folder on the desktop and make that the install directory. Note: You must do this or it will not work

Equilibrium Sound FYP Version
Equilibrium Sound

Equilibrium Sound FYP Version

Aug 16, 2011 Equilibrium Sound Demo (202.98mb) 0 comments

Here's what I sent as my final project warts n' all. It's a bit rough round the edges and this is what the version currently in development is hoping...

Fast Build Mod
C&C Generals: Zero Hour

Fast Build Mod

Aug 16, 2011 C&C Generals: Zero Hour Full Version (0.62mb) 9 comments

This simple mod makes everything $0 and built in 0 seconds. All you do is put the "Object" and "Upgrade" files into the INI folder in your Command and...

Augustine: Beta 1
Augustine: Despondent

Augustine: Beta 1

Aug 16, 2011 Augustine: Despondent Demo (61.74mb) 24 comments

I hope you enjoy Augustine's first release. Lot's of work has been put into this game.

The Virus Core - 1.4
The Virus Core

The Virus Core - 1.4

Aug 16, 2011 The Virus Core Full Version (1.35mb) 0 comments

Fixed sound problems in the new version. Play, and Enjoy! ;))

CnC SGU Version 1 Beta 3 110815
C&C Generals: Zero Hour

CnC SGU Version 1 Beta 3 110815

Aug 16, 2011 C&C Stargate Universe Demo (170.06mb) 16 comments

We propose you today our latest open beta. This is the Version 1 Beta 3 110815 Tau'ri-Goa'uld. It follows the one shown at Comic Con' Paris last July...

BodiesStayModII:ROTC v2.01
Battle for Middle-earth II: Rise of the Witch King

BodiesStayModII:ROTC v2.01

Aug 16, 2011 Bodies Stay Mod II: Rise of The Corpse Full Version (2.85mb) 3 comments

Here is Bodies stay compatibility with 2.01 patch of ROTWK. This Version has not been tested so be sure to comment and tell me if it works thanks and...

StarCrfat II version 1.0.6

StarCrfat II version 1.0.6

Aug 16, 2011 StarCraft: The Fusion Core Patch (61.70mb) 6 comments

New version.



Aug 15, 2011 Crysis and The Multi Country Suits Full Version (11.50mb) 0 comments

The first suit for the collection as a little taster :) Just download and extract into the mods folder and run the IndiaSuit.bat file

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