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Advanced Air Units-V.7.2-NON MODDED DLL
Civilization V

Advanced Air Units-V.7.2-NON MODDED DLL

Apr 13, 2015 Civilization V Patch (22.89mb) 0 comments

Advanced Air Units Version 7.2 Non Modded DLL - Now with UH-60M Blackhawks!

Distant Homeworlds Update 1
Distant Worlds

Distant Homeworlds Update 1

Apr 13, 2015 Distant Homeworlds Patch (2.57mb) 0 comments

This is an update for the Distant Homeworlds mod. Extract the contents so that they overwrite the "Homeworld" mod folder.

Build it Up V 1.3
Build It Up

Build it Up V 1.3

Apr 13, 2015 Build It Up Full Version (87.70mb) 0 comments

VERSION 1.3 A Intense Game, Where blocks, circles and triangles jump from the ground. Now all you have to do is build a tower with them. But heres the...

Adventure Craft


Apr 13, 2015 Adventure Craft Demo (139.74mb) 2 comments

This is the Pre-Alpha Demo of Adventure Craft Support the creation of the full game on Kickstarter today! Adventure Craft is a procedurally generated...

HD Widescreen 16:9 V.2
Nexus: The Jupiter Incident

HD Widescreen 16:9 V.2

Apr 13, 2015 Nexus: Jupiter HD Widescreen 16:9 (1080) Full Version (0.62mb) 0 comments

Improved version Simply a new release with improvements to the texture content and quality. Specifically on the flare and solar effects. Latest version...

BBE Rapid Deployment map

BBE Rapid Deployment map

Apr 13, 2015 SWAT 3 Full Version (7.00mb) 0 comments

Today we have to investigate suspicious behaviour in a small neighbourhood near the UCLA area. Residents have reported trucks moving on and off, as well...

BBE basicinstinct map

BBE basicinstinct map

Apr 13, 2015 SWAT 3 Full Version (11.47mb) 0 comments

At about 1300 hours today, a group of approximately 7 persons enterted the Rembrandt Tower and proceeded to the top floor. Upon being asked what their...

BBE Blackwater training map

BBE Blackwater training map

Apr 13, 2015 SWAT 3 Full Version (7.00mb) 0 comments

This is where the training should happen. The largest training facility for SWAT3.

BBE Naval Ops

BBE Naval Ops

Apr 13, 2015 SWAT 3 Full Version (2.09mb) 0 comments

This mod is number 2 in a series of realistic officer mods. It features 5 new models; BBE boardingsquad Assaulter - basic boarding squad officer. BBE...

BBE Real Element

BBE Real Element

Apr 13, 2015 SWAT 3 Full Version (3.25mb) 0 comments

This MOD is meant to be the first in a series of officer mods that will make SWAT3 more realistic. The first version features: SWAT Assaulter, a normal...

Beta 9.2 Hotfix
Your Quest

Beta 9.2 Hotfix

Apr 13, 2015 Your Quest Patch (0.36mb) 0 comments

Finally fixed the monster spells and numerous other little things that caught my attention...

The Last Survivor - Pre-Alpha

The Last Survivor - Pre-Alpha

Apr 13, 2015 Unity Demo (43.94mb) 1 comment

The Last Survivor © (also known as: TLS), is a survival-crafting-horror game. It takes place in a map that has 10 islands (Released Map). The game doesn't...

GearBlocks Demo 0.1.5581 Win32

GearBlocks Demo 0.1.5581 Win32

Apr 13, 2015 GearBlocks Demo (26.58mb) 0 comments

GearBlocks pre-alpha demo - build 0.1.5581. This fixes some physics issues where constructions would sometimes jump about or fly into the sky. I also...

Crusader Kings II


Apr 13, 2015 The Witcher Kings Full Version (33.63mb) 1 comment

The Witcher Kings Version 0.57 Compatible with: CK2 2.3.4

Modern Promod v0.1.3.35
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Modern Promod v0.1.3.35

Apr 13, 2015 Modern Promod Full Version (180.15mb) 0 comments

In this modification, it is a completely new development. With a new menu interface and numerous new weapons.

Izle Kickstarter Pre-Alpha Demo

Izle Kickstarter Pre-Alpha Demo

Apr 13, 2015 Izle Demo (183.44mb) 0 comments

Welcome! This is an early pre-alpha demo of Izle to show you our progress, please don't expect a finished game :) You will need a fairly recent computer...

The Road: Desmond's Nighmare - Demo (Windows)
The Road : Desmond's Nightmare

The Road: Desmond's Nighmare - Demo (Windows)

Apr 13, 2015 The Road : Desmond's Nightmare Demo (67.12mb) 0 comments

The first public demo of the game is here. We are looking forward for your feed back.

Artificial City Early Alpha Download
Artificial City

Artificial City Early Alpha Download

Apr 13, 2015 Artificial City Demo (34.62mb) 1 comment

A very early Alpha Version of my project, called "Artificial City". Everything you see is subject to change- Please leave your comments on the main page...

Sights improvement
Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30

Sights improvement

Apr 13, 2015 Marcomix's Real Weapons: Brothers in arms Edition Patch (13.99mb) 0 comments

HERE ARE THE CHANGES: -tweaked the M1 Thompson front and back sight to be more realistic and usable with RealSights mutator (It works perfectly fine even...

Isle of the Deranged (Fix)
Legend of Grimrock 2

Isle of the Deranged (Fix)

Apr 13, 2015 Isle of the Deranged Patch (414.87mb) 0 comments

Small fix for those who are able to become stuck in Southern Zhaoze. You only need to download this fix if you FAILED to complete the underwater daemon...

Nightmare:Source 0.1
Half-Life 2

Nightmare:Source 0.1

Apr 13, 2015 Nightmare:Source Demo (84.88mb) 0 comments

You were a worker in the Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria,you got fired,you did terrible things,those things haunt you now,it's a nightmare YOU CAN'T escape...It's...

The island adventure
The island adventure

The island adventure

Apr 13, 2015 The island adventure Full Version (16.34mb) 0 comments

It took some time but here it is the full game. If you use Craftstudio be sure to check out the game in the Community Projects. You may also use any scripts...

Match me Addicting game
Match Me : Addicting game

Match me Addicting game

Apr 13, 2015 Match Me : Addicting game Full Version (19.81mb) 0 comments

Match Me is a simple addictive game where you have to match the color of the ball with the platforms coming. Tap on the respective colors to change the...

Lost In the Dark forest
Lost in the Dark Forest

Lost In the Dark forest

Apr 13, 2015 Lost in the Dark Forest Full Version (15.85mb) 0 comments

Mysterious and Horrible Forest haunted by evils and spirits, giving scary feelings to boy who lost there in night. Will the boy be genius enough to escape...

NightmareZ Demo

NightmareZ Demo

Apr 13, 2015 NightmareZ Demo (19.22mb) 0 comments

Finally, The demo version of NightmareZ has been released. You can try out the demo version for free!



Apr 13, 2015 Army Under Oath GSO Full Version (0.00mb) 0 comments

in this version you will only have 6 other people like yourself to set off in the harsh wasteland enjoy not as over powered as the first one less people...

Elite Warfighters Dev-Test 0.4.1
Elite Warfighters

Elite Warfighters Dev-Test 0.4.1

Apr 12, 2015 Elite Warfighters Patch (209.67mb) 0 comments

[PC,Mac,and Linux version included] Here is version 0.4.1 with bug fixes, new features, etc.

Flutter Bombs v107
Flutter Bombs

Flutter Bombs v107

Apr 12, 2015 Flutter Bombs Demo (921.32mb) 0 comments

In preparation for a local tech and art festival, CreatorCon2015, I've opened up the Flutter Bombs level 'River Run' for VR devs and enthusiasts to play...

Hellbourne DeathMatch
Doom II

Hellbourne DeathMatch

Apr 12, 2015 HellBourne Wrath Demo (0.93mb) 0 comments

This is a multiplayer functions demo for hellbourne wrath, what this demo is, essentially, is a addon for multiplayer. It adds content for Deathmatch...

Alien behaviour Test Mod
Alien: Isolation

Alien behaviour Test Mod

Apr 12, 2015 Unpredictable Alien mod. Demo (0.07mb) 0 comments

This is the current unfinished version of my experimentation with the Alien AI. It has almost what it takes to be a "full release", but make no mistake...

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