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Jul 31st, 2010
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Firearms Source is a quasi-realistic arcade shooter on the Source Engine. This patch fixes damage issues, hitbox problems, new design changes, and plenty of other bugs.

Changelog 1.0 to 1.0c
• Heavy weapon moving view model effect changed to a more suitable one.
• Heavy weapons with scopes can be unscoped while moving now (right click will unscope rather than going to the next zoom level on the M82 while moving)
• Hitbox damage multipliers buffed (head: 2.5x, chest: 1.3x, stomach: 1.0x, arms: 0.7x, legs: 0.5x), no longer using cvars
• Forced M24 unscope on reload
• Fixed scoped recoil modifiers
• Bleeding players will spurt blood when they go through a bleed cycle
• Push and Territorial Control areas will show in the screen overlay (just like the S&D entities do)
• Claymore damaged has been amplified — I screwed this one up right before release by accident when I was trying to chop out some unnecessary effect code that was causing spikes in net traffic. This is just the un-screwup. -cjd
• Fixed ammo caches not giving ammo
• Added randomization to the player model appearance
• Bandage key doesn’t set IFAK as last weapon
• M3 reload animations should be smoother
• Interruptible M3 reload (either +attack or +attack2 will do it)
• Transition for aiming down the sight shouldn’t jitter as much
• Hospice flag placement now uses Valve’s progress bar code
• Added Hints for Hospice Flag deploying and upon entering an area
• “Healing target” HUD element now stays on the player you’re healing as you’re healing them
• M24 no longer takes ages to cock after shooting
• Weapons don’t play the idle animation as much – this is most noticeable on the G36C
• Within the radius of a hospice flag, medics heal twice as much as they would do normally, rather than just adding 10 onto the healed HP
• AK-47 bayonet’s damage now matches the Machete’s, slight range buff.
• Stamina drain for sprinting reduced, low stamina penalty now waits until you’re on 5% stamina rather than 15%
• Fixed instance where last player on 0 reins team disconnects and doesn’t end the game
• View model bob cycle tweaked, should give off a less “floating” feel
• G36C has half the recoil when scoped now
• Drop primed grenades on death
• Added radio and voice command menus
• Added hints relating to IFAK
• Mappers: fas_game_logic_reins now checks to see if the new reins value dipped below the threshold when the previous value was above it
• fas_rein_notification entity being present on a map won’t cause it to not work (aliased to fas_game_logic_reins for backwards compat).
• You can change the alpha of the objective/player icon overlay (cl_overlay_icons_alpha, value is between 0 and 1)
• If you change the maximum distance of the obj/player overlay to a value < 0, icons will not fade out at distance (cl_overlay_fade_distance)
• Pressing your jump key while prone will make you unprone (same as when you press the normal prone key)
• You can no longer prone in mid-air
• Client-side ragdolls will only spawn after the player has joined the game and started playing, this should prevent ragdolls from spawning immediately when a player joins the server causing severe lag.
• Added client-side dynamic lighting to NVG’s to simulate light amplification in the world. Can be turned off if FPS is an issue (cl_nvg_dlight)
• Changed tracer effect on the machine guns to use a red particle tracer instead of the old yellow non-particle version
• Improved semi-automatic assault rifle accuracy, bullet cone is 75% – down from 90%
• Improved semi-automatic SMG accuracy, bullet cone is 85% – down from 95%
• Improved burst fire on SMGs and ARs to 90% original cone.
• Increase assault rifle recoil
• Better player hitboxes on model
• M82 recoil increased, rate of fire decreased (you have to wait longer for the weapon to re-fire)
• You now start bleeding after taking 30 damage rather than 20
• You can no longer jump while deployed
• Fixed exploits on Iwojima and Dragovo
• Brightened darker maps and pitch black areas
• Added proper control point entity for HUD flag placement
• Lowered damages of high ROF weapons

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Firearms Source Client & Server Patch 1.0c (ZIP)
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ytres Jul 31 2010 says:

Thank you!

+3 votes     reply to comment
Yronno Jul 31 2010 says:

I have to check it out! Thanks for the quick fix!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Curse231 Jul 31 2010 says:

can u incude hit markers

+3 votes     reply to comment
NiveouS Aug 1 2010 says:

Yay! Thanks :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
zaglis Aug 1 2010 says:

Awesome! Thanks for actually LISTENING to the feedback and doing necessary changes.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Karriz Aug 11 2010 says:

A huge file for a bugfix. I thought this would be 10mb or something.
But good thing that you update your mod and make it better.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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