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Jul 10th, 2010
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EDIT: Please note that this is the BETA version of Fallout 3 Reborn, expect some issues to be present. You can post said issues on the comments page of the mod. Fallout 3 Reborn V8 was going to be the "Hardcore" edition of V7, but it grew to be quite more than that as I developed it. V8 is built with the foundation of V7, but a lot has changed. Many bugs have been fixed, some features have been removed, and a slew of new stuff has been added. One of the main features is the removal of the "fake" Fallout 3 vanilla weapons and armors, and their replacers, real-life weapons and body armors. Along with these changes, all the new weapons deal even more damage, and the wasteland critters are far more deadly, so Deathclaws are an actual threat now. The Introduction and Features sections from the readme are posted below.


If you've downloaded this mod, chances are you're new to the Reborn mod series. The Reborn series of mods covers several games, and each mod aims at creating an intense, semi-realistic experience. Obviously, a mod (the word "mod" being short for "modification") implies that some things in a game may be changed, removed, lobotomized, etc. If you are a fanboy who can't take any serious changes to Fallout 3, I suggest you delete this mod right now, and save yourself some time. Oh, and please do NOT post a "boo-hoo" message on my mod's website complaining about something that is SUPPOSED to be different. Thank you.

To all the old fans of my mod: Version 8 was built with V7 as a foundation, most of the issues in V7 should be gone, and many of the "drastic" changes to the wasteland (such as reduced radiation, new weapon models/names, and greenery) are back! Also, V8 is extremely hardcore, a few shots kill you, and one shot usually kills an enemy. V8 is how I picture Fallout 3 should be, not some toned down, fanboy-friendly mod (like V7). Have fun out there,



If you're new to Reborn, go to the "data\sound\Voice\fallout3_reborn_v8.esp\MaleGenericGhoul" folder, and replace the 20 blank sounds there with your own MONO .wav files. make sure you keep the names the same, and insure that your sound files are all in the mono channel format, otherwise, they will not work properly. If you ignore these files, the Wasteland Wave radio will broadcast 24/7 blank sound. If you were previously playing V7, just rename your "fallout3_reborn_v7.esp"
folder to "fallout3_reborn_v8.esp", and you're good to go.


Ahhh, time for the good stuff, read it all below, Fallout 3 Reborn introduces hundreds of new features and tweaks to the Fallout 3 world. The list below contains most of them, although a complete list is impossible, due to the vast size of this mod. An asterisk denotes a feature that can be toggled on/off or customized in the Settings page of this terminal, while a dash indicates that the feature cannot be disabled, but may have a perk or such to
alleviate/remove the effect.

-Heavily modified immolation effect. When you're lit on fire, you now cry out in pain and your screen is tinted a bright orange.

-Grenades and explosives now can shell-shock you. Everything slows down, everything loses it's color, and the world goes a bit blurry.

-The Player House Terminal, which allows you to customize this mod quite heavily, and to your personal taste.

*Player needs that make your character hunger, thirst, tire, and need to excrete. These can be toggle on/off AND can be customized quite heavily.

-The Royal Wasteland Bank has set up ATM terminals throughout the wasteland, there are 7 total. Use them to store caps and gain interest on them.

-Jericho now actually buys new equipment and weapons with the 1000 caps you give him.

-The fake (and boring) default Fallout 3 weapons are gone, replaced by real-life variants, such as the AK-47 to replace the "Chinese Assault Rifle", the M4A1 to replace the "Laser Rifle", etc. There are no longer laser or plasma weapons, except some mounted on larger structures (such as vertibirds and
Liberty Prime).

-Cars and vehicles don't explode into nuclear fireballs with only a few bullets, seriously, who'd feel safe in a vehicle like that?

-The karma penalty for stealing items has been reduced from 5 to 1. Stealing a few items should NOT be as evil as killing someone.

-Various Karma rebalances, for example: killing Roy Phillips no longer makes you lose Karma. Giving the beggars water now only gives you a tenth of the good Karma you used to receive.

-The Personal Sanitizer now takes one Abraxo Cleaner per food or beverage cleaned, but totally removes any radiation from the food.

-New perks such as Chef and Solider.

-Certain perks modified to fit with the mod.

-Weapons have many changes, such as:
Different skills (RPG-7 uses Explosives skill, not Big Guns).
New, more realistic and varied clip sizes.
Damage increased GREATLY, much more realistic.
Fire-rate increases on certain weapons.
Certain weapons are now actually useful (Miss Launcher, MIRV, etc).
Weapon mods; now you can find modified weapons throughout the wasteland (Suppressor, ACOG, etc).
Bullet casings stay around a LOT longer, and can be seen from a greater distance.
Weapons have new firing sound effects that are much better, in my opinion.

-Totally re-done addiction system. I hated the crappy, luck-based addiction system, so I replaced it with a system that counts the amount of a drug you've used in a certain period of time. If you go over a certain limit, then you become addicted. Taking more of the drug when addicted is a bad idea, as it will only make it harder to kick the addiction later on, and there is no alleviating the effects.

-A book trade-in terminal at the Arlington Library, that allows you to swap a skill book for a different one. It also allows you to trade in rare books for more trade points then your average skill book.

-Wasteland Wave, a personal radio station that is accessible 24/7. You can now listen to 20 of your favorites songs as you roam the wasteland!

-Night vision goggles, which are a stealthy and effective way to light up your surroundings, while keeping enemies in the dark. Buy them from certain vendors.

-Centaur's actually carry some loot now, don't ask where.

-The Workbench, Laboratory, Vending Machines, and Infirmaries now all work very differently.

-Misc. items are now more useful, and have various weight and value rebalances, to be more realistic and fun.

-Severely reduced HP bonuses given when you level up or increase your Endurance level.

-Bottles can be refilled from sinks and other water sources. Unfortunately, there is no way to allow the player to refill them in the rivers/bodies of water.

-You can take Talon or Raider armor and disguise yourself with it. Be warned that drawing a weapon will destroy your cover, so don't think that this is a feature you can use to gun down enemies as their friends watch.

-Kids are now killable, if you have an issue with this feature, I suggest you watch your fire around children. Certain children, if armed, will open fire on you if you aggro them.

-Certain other NPC's have been set to unessential, killing certain people (such as Harkness) will cause you to fail any quests related to them.

-Robots and machines now take far more damage before they die. Robots are now truly fearsome opponents.

-Moira, Chief Gustavo, Flak, and Shrapnel now all have 100 Repair skill.

-The weapon repair system is now more open and realistic, for example: a Dart Gun can be repaired with a Toy Car.

-Personal Mark VI Turrets can be bought from vendors.

-Gates in Little Lamplight can now be blown open, with enough firepower.

-Pickpocketing is far easier, as I've bumped up the min/max success chance: (was 5-85 %, now is 25-100%).

-The effectiveness of repairing items has been halved.

-All the wasteland critters and monsters now deal FAR more damage. A feral ghoul does 75 damage per swipe, and Deathclaws can easily kill with one swipe of their claws.

-Traps are far more deadly.

-Eyebot explosions are larger and more damaging.

-Falls are more damaging, your legs take more damage, and you can get hurt from lower heights.

-Characters no longer go flying when they get shot, instead they crumple to the ground in a more realistic manner.

-Fixed several NPC inventories by removing Skill Books, to prevent exploits.

-Max level raised to 100, and it is now a bit easier to level up. You can also skip through the level-up screens without selecting skill points or a perk. You only get a base of 5 Skill Points per level-up.

-Selling items gives you considerably less caps, to prevent you from becoming a millionaire by level 10.

-Loot has been redone to add more semi-useless stuff, and to tone down the ridiculous amount of amazing loot you stumble across in the wasteland.

-The medicine skill can multiply the effectiveness of meds by up to 5 times, instead of 2.

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Fallout 3 Reborn V8 BETA
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Achilles295 Aug 20 2010 says:

I just signed up to tell you that this is an awesome mod. It's a huge improvement over V7 on the realism department. Gongratulations man.

Now, I haven't tested V8 much yet but I have a small suggestion(?)
I believe that the Beretta 92 would be a better replacement for the 10mm pistol than the Glock 18C. What actually put me off is the full-auto function of the gun. It just feels weird for a handgun. I know that's how the gun works in real life, but still I think the Handgun should be semi-auto, and the Beretta uses the same ammunition so no need for any changes there. Also the chamber(I don't know if that's how it's called.) doesn't move when you're firing.

But still this is just a personal preference. Will test the mod further. You're doing an amazing job.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Slayer_2 Author
Slayer_2 Aug 20 2010 replied:

Thanks man, and I agree, V7 was boring.

You get the best of both worlds in V8.0, mate. The M92 is incredibly common, while the G18C is made rare. On top of that, the new fire-modes are implemented into V8.0, allowing you to put the G18C into a semi or full auto mode.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Achilles295 Aug 20 2010 replied:

Both of them are included? I thought you just replaced the original weapons with realistic models. Did you also add more guns?

And also changing the fire mode sounds great.

+1 vote     reply to comment
EvilElmo23 Aug 20 2010 replied:

he did add some more guns and plus some modded guns that you can buy from flak and shrapnel's and other vendors

+1 vote     reply to comment
Slayer_2 Author
Slayer_2 Aug 20 2010 replied:

Exactly what EvilElmo said, most guns are replacers, but others are totally new weapons.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Achilles295 Aug 21 2010 says:

Hey there mate. I don't know if this is a bug or a simple typo but a G18C with 1/3 of it's condition does 322 (give or take) damage while a DE does about 85 and an ACR about 220.

Edit: Just found the forum thread with the bug list and saw someone else made the same question. Ignore me...

But still wouldn't it make more sense to have damage displayed per bullet? Just saying

+1 vote     reply to comment
EvilElmo23 Aug 21 2010 replied:

Achilles mate some of the guns are from different mods (I know cause I have used them in the past) and slayer probably hasn't got around to fixing the damage on the guns, and damage display per bullet now thats just getting a bit technical and Im not even sure if it can be done

PS. sorry if I stole this question away from you slayer :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
catman_94 Aug 21 2010 replied:

normally pistols use a higher caliber round than most machine guns
as for the desert eagle its single shot but the G-18 is fully automatic
so it will do more damage per second than the DE but the DE will do more damage per bullet

+1 vote     reply to comment
Slayer_2 Author
Slayer_2 Aug 21 2010 replied:

Nice work on looking this one up yourself. However, there is no way to change the DAM display. And just for the record, it's per TWO seconds. So a G18C probably puts off 10 rounds in the time the Desert Eagle fires 1. There are just some things in the GECK that can't be changed, like the skills.

+1 vote   reply to comment
MaxUnit1337 Aug 21 2010 says:

I checked on the "Exhausted" spell problem again and I noticed, that I'm using a Weight mod to let me carry 5.000 or 5.000 units of weight. Maybe I'm always carrying way to much weight with me and Reborn notices that. I have placed the weight mod after reborn, but that did not fix it.

What causes the Exhausted spell to cast? Only how much you carry or many more aspects?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Slayer_2 Author
Slayer_2 Aug 21 2010 replied:

Sleeping in a bed should stop you from being exhausted.

+1 vote   reply to comment
EvilElmo23 Aug 21 2010 says:

oh and is the Ac-130 in the V8 beta????

+1 vote     reply to comment
Slayer_2 Author
Slayer_2 Aug 22 2010 replied:

Nope, but it's in V8.0.

+1 vote   reply to comment
MaxUnit1337 Aug 21 2010 says:

@ Slayer_2: Problem is, it won't...i think it either is a bug or has to do with the Weight mod I use, so that I always have way to much stuff I carry around and the mod might have hardcoded values...I'm not sure.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Slayer_2 Author
Slayer_2 Aug 22 2010 replied:

Well, try removing the mod, and see if that helps.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Achilles295 Aug 22 2010 says:

Slayer mate, I tried disabling fast traveling from the house terminal, and both "Enable Fast Traveling" and "Disable Fast Traveling" options disappeared but I could still fast travel between locations.

I don't know if this is a bug, or a mistake on my end, just thought I'd let you know.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Slayer_2 Author
Slayer_2 Aug 22 2010 replied:

That is me being lazy and incompetent. That is a removed feature, but I forgot to update the Play House Terminal. It's fixed in V8.0.

+1 vote   reply to comment
TheUnbeholden Aug 26 2010 replied:

Why did you remove that feature?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Slayer_2 Author
Slayer_2 Aug 26 2010 replied:

It caused issues, and there are already other mini-mods that do it better. No need for it in Reborn V8.0.

+1 vote   reply to comment
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