Mar 22nd, 2008
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Ballmen Beta
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Johnny_Phalapagis Mar 23 2008 says:

Just played for a bit! very fun and different. Although i just couldnt stand your ammo setup, i found it extremely annoying. please please change it.

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MovEaxEsp Author
MovEaxEsp Mar 23 2008 replied:

I'm assuming you didn't like the energy system because it runs out too fast. If thats the case all I can do is ask that you give it a chance, its not too bad once you get used to the energy costs of the different attacks. If you start to dip low, you can pick up a couple of energy pickups to restore a good amount.

I don't think we'll replace the energy system with regular ammo, but if a lot of people are running out too quickly then we might up the regen or the number of energy pickups that spawn.

I hope you don't give up on the mod because of this. Keep an eye out as we'll probably release Beta 2 in a month or two.

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Harimau Mar 23 2008 replied:

I was just playing with you wasn't I?
Great mod. Heaps of fun. Even though I was on a 335 ping (west australia) or so, there wasn't really any hugely noticeable lag.

Two things I don't like though.
A) The frequency of suicides. Or maybe that's just me.
B) How long it takes, and how cumbersome it is to pick weapons, or maybe it just takes getting used to. Nevertheless, I'd like some kind of 'favourites' key, that picks your favourite weapon set by pressing it eg. F+1 (corresponds to a laser and minigun set that I've favourited).
Also, if there were a way to run around a corner without falling off the other side. like uh
o (start)
>|_ v direction of gravity
o ^ o (end)
might be useful.

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Johnny_Phalapagis Mar 23 2008 says:

I do so much want to play it, but the ammo setup just drives me insane. its a wonderful game in every other way and i look forward very much to beta 2. thank you for your response.

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antihax Mar 23 2008 says:

haha, crazy fun
i love the new HUD.
also, falling up is cool.
great work!

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Harimau Mar 23 2008 says:

err, fixed. :: v > ^ < - direction(s) of gravity

o (start)
^ o (end)

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Harimau Mar 24 2008 replied:

err actually, it -can- be done, you just have to use either back or strafe left/right and face the wall with your crosshair - you can't do it while moving forward, since you have to face the wall

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MovEaxEsp Author
MovEaxEsp Mar 24 2008 replied:

Yeah thats probably the safest way of doing it and works pretty well. You could also just walk off, make a quick 180, switch walls, another 180 and keep walking in the direction you started falling. Or, if you're feeling adventurous, you can turn on auto wallwalking right before you walk off, and as soon as you do try to fly backwards into the wall, which would switch you to it, although this probably won't work too well unless you have the Air Control powerup (the wing).

A lot of the suicides I see could probably be attributed to what I call switching off, where you're falling really fast, switch to some wall you pass by, and end up flinging yourself out of the map. The only solution to this would be to only switch to walls once you know it won't screw you over. I'd also highly recommend binding the Puff gun (the cloud) to an easily accessible key and getting familiarized with it, with enough practice it can save you from a lot of suicide deaths and deaths caused by being pushed out.

I can imagine scrolling through the weapons every time you want to switch can get tiresome. I've bound all the weapons to keys I can reach relatively easily and its all good now. But I am considering for Beta 2 some kind of way of binding both a primary and a secondary weapon to a key, as switching both the primary and secondary weapon to get setup for a combo is still pretty cumbersome. I'm still considering how best to implement this, but it's something I'd really like to see in the game.

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MovEaxEsp Author
MovEaxEsp Mar 24 2008 replied:

That is an impressive wall of text. :)
And I still forgot to say I'm glad you're enjoying the game and I hope to see you in the game again. I was wondering how it played with 300 ping, I'm glad its not as bad as I thought.

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Senkus Mar 25 2008 says:

I really enjoined the gameplay of the mod, it would be cool to have maps with more details, meshes and stuff.

And where is the dedicated server data?

And the maps should be designed in a way that there is no more suicide because falling out of the arena.

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MovEaxEsp Author
MovEaxEsp Mar 25 2008 replied:

The maps in this beta were made by Sofadullah, and were his first attempts at mapping. At the moment a few people have started working on additional maps that should be very fun and might look better.

I'm not sure what you mean by dedicated server data. However, the download contains everything you should need to run a windows dedicated server. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get the files for a linux server built yet.

As for the suicides, we wanted "pushing" people out of the map to be a valid combat tactic, which I don't think can be done without some risk of suicide. With that said, it gets much easier to avoid suicide and death by leaving the level if you bind the puff gun(cloud) to some key and use it to try to get back in as soon as you start leaving the map. Sofadullah has also said that he would at some point make a sort of training map where its impossible to fall out of the level.

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Sofadullah Mar 25 2008 replied:

One of the main reasons for the maps looking the way they do is because of how the game plays. Every surface is another miniature arena and obstacle course where fights can take place. Try to imagine how a "real" map with full textures and props would look like. You can't exactly have boxes, dumpsters, and inclines sticking out of the walls and ceilings. That said thought, I am thinking of ways to make a more realistic looking map and hope to have one done in a later release.

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__MaX__ Mar 27 2008 says:

There's a way to set up a linux dedicated ?

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MovEaxEsp Author
MovEaxEsp Mar 27 2008 replied:

I haven't been able to build the linux server yet. I'll try to have it by the time we release Beta 2.

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DucTTapE Mar 30 2008 says:

Vectorman Source is a good idea

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FJS Mar 31 2008 says:

Hey seems great! downloading

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