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May 7th, 2012
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Version 1.30 of the AMC TC - the TC is standalone and requires nothing else to run. If you're upgrading from a previous version, unzip into the old directory and over-write everything prompted. If not, unzip into any directory and then run the Eduke32.exe

Changes since v1.10:

AMC TC v1.30

  • -Fixed bug where merc would constantly shoot whilst on fire
  • -Fixed BAR not removing SR-2's equipped status when equipped itself
  • -Fixed PPsh41 not removing SR-2's equipped status when equipped itself
  • -Fixed Gold Skorpion not removing Kashtan's equipped status when equipped itself
  • -Fixed Graphic bugs in Sang's TNT throw animation
  • -Fixed being able to wall-kick in air
  • -Fixed off-duty EDF soldiers having old graphics
  • -Fixed Sang's magic alt-fire on weapon3 not firing gold crystal if gold ring equipped
  • -Fixed picking up another SR-2 whilst equipped messing up gun's firing
  • -Fixed SR-2 giving too much ammo when picked up
  • -Fixed being able to roll with PDU up
  • -Fixed being able to roll during cutscenes
  • -Fixed being able to crouch during cutscenes
  • -Fixed some sequence breaking in 'For Providence'
  • -Fixed on fire guy not being affected by Gravity
  • -Fixed switching back to normal shells not emptying Mikko's shotgun
  • -Fixed Jackhammer not properly resetting Auto-5's equipped status when equipped itself
  • -Fixed being able to reload AN-94 when full
  • -Fixed being able to switch bolt ammo when not using a temp weapon
  • -Fixed Zaxtor, Merlijn and Geoffrey's equipment select not properly displaying missing equipment
  • -Fixed PKM still using RPK's alt fire code
  • -Fixed Gold revolvers not being removable via equipment screen
  • -Fixed being able to melee whilst zooming in
  • -Fixed being able to change weapons whilst using Rusty's pistols alt fire
  • -Fixed being able to change weapons whilst zooming in
  • -Fixed Jackhammer reload being interuptable
  • -Fixed Rusty's silver bayonett graphic error
  • -Fixed graphical error with Auto-mag's ejection port
  • -Fixed enviro-suit being able to fire welder when not aimed at a wall
  • -Fixed Fascists firing indefinitly at non-player target
  • -Fixed view being moved down when pumping Mikko's shotgun after loading
  • -Fixed sawn-off spawning 2 empty shells when reloading after firing only one barrel
  • -Fixed quadshot giving far too much ammunition
  • -Fixed katana description cutting off too early
  • -Fixed being able to roll during shotgun struggle
  • -Fixed being able to access PDU during cutscenes and shotgun struggle
  • -Fixed being able to roll when dead
  • -Fixed grammatical errors and typos in many places
  • -Fixed Zombie not triggering slashed animation when hit by Axe, Long Axe, and Dragonslayer
  • -Fixed being able to knife and change weapon during uppercut
  • -Fixed graphic errors with Sang's hoverboat and gas-mask sequence
  • -Fixed graphic errors with Geoffrey's hands on flamethrower
  • -Fixed Sang's flamethrower not having a gold ring graphic
  • -Fixed Pitfiend not being shrinkable, freezable or expandable
  • -Fixed uppercut triggering when not near intended enemy
  • -Fixed alt-fire working whilst using a mouse cursor
  • -Fixed errors with ammo display in Geoffrey's HUD code
  • -Fixed American flag being mirrored incorrectly in intro
  • -Fixed Dynamite with gold ring not blinking
  • -Fixed leftover alien pods spawning red gibs
  • -Fixed bonus screen using old graphics
  • -Fixed alignment error in
  • -Fixed many HUD oversights
  • -Fixed Geoffrey and John not having tip graphics
  • -Fixed Sang's bat not spawning properly
  • -Fixed Shrinker ammo replacement glowing
  • -Fixed graphical oversight with James' Steyr AUG
  • -Fixed hoverboat HUD display not taking player's colours properly
  • -Fixed Tank's machinegun not firing properly
  • -Fixed Mission select computer not restoring player's HUD
  • -Tweaked bolt spawning code; if a bolt goes through an enemy, is spawned by bolt itself instead of enemy
  • -Tweaked Zombie chaingunner and soldier to have a slight delay before shooting when first sighted
  • -Tweaked zombie to always play slash animation when hit by compatible weapon
  • -Tweaked sounds to play slower during slo-mo showoff
  • -Tweaked super-punch sound to play for all characters when boosted
  • -Added new SMG magazine dropping graphic (PP-19 Bizon)
  • -Added liz-man lasergun to MSELECT
  • -Added seperate sound to Highwire's pump action slide
  • -Added better variable zoom to Sniper-rifles
  • -Added first beta of Random texture replacer
  • -Added Scuba HUD graphics for Sang
  • -Improved Zoom code
  • -Improved Sang's TNT throw animation
  • -Improved M16-Shotgun's reloading animation
  • -Improved Russians and Vladmir's firing animations
  • -Improved MP5 M203's reload animation

AMC TC V1.20

  • -Fixed MP40/M16 not showing up in base armoury
  • -Fixed M16 not showing up in mission select map
  • -Fixed misalignments in mission select map
  • -Fixed being able to select null characters
  • -Fixed being able to use melee attacks whilst checking PDU
  • -Fixed being able to roll whilst sliding
  • -Fixed being able to roll under certain objects
  • -Fixed being able to slide with very low stamina
  • -Fixed spawning heartleech for free by weapon switching
  • -Fixed RPK's max magazine size, subsequently fixing being able to reload whilst full
  • -Fixed RPKM not removing PKM's equipped status when equipped itself
  • -Fixed Silver Talon not removing Gold Talon's equipped status when equipped itself
  • -Fixed misaligned switch in Megabase
  • -Fixed equipment array not being resized in gunshop
  • -Fixed holding down reload key constantly reloading mag-fed shotguns
  • -Fixed enviro-suit laser firing whilst moving
  • -Fixed Merlijn's Axe and Holy Hand-grenade taunts not playing globally
  • -Fixed Satyr flinch animation messing up dying animations
  • -Fixed Sawn-off gaining other weapon's attributes
  • -Fixed bug with dying whilst cutscene playing; will automatically reset level or load savegame
  • -Fixed movement glitches with Mech Suit and Hover-craft
  • -Fixed camera sprite not resetting screen angle
  • -Fixed SVD remaining in scope mode once ammunition is depleted
  • -Fixed capitilisation on 'We've got all the evidence' achievement picture
  • -Fixed some sequence breaking in 'For Providence'
  • -Fixed some sequence breaking in 'Millhaven'
  • -Fixed gold weapons not doing proper damage on higher skill levels
  • -Fixed speech bubble not actually disapearing when disabled
  • -Fixed pigcop and lizman shooting above player when player is crouching
  • -Added ability to skip straight to underground AMC base by right-clicking on character pic in
  • -Added new gameplay sounds for Vladmir (by Mblackwell)
  • -Added Lizman Laser gun research project
  • -Improved Abyss path tiles, appear further away from player now with animation
  • -Improved mission select for Episode 1, shows who you've beaten the level with (where applicable)
  • -Tweaked red, fire and ice spell attacks to not hurt player with splash damage
  • -Tweaked supernatural enemies to always spawn protection shield if hit with a non-effective weapon on Expert and up
  • -Tweaked enemy replacement rates for Random enemy replacer
  • -Tweaked John to fire Plasma shots when against supernatural enemies
  • -Updated credits listing in credits map
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AMC TC v1.30
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Sangelothi May 8 2012, 8:33pm says:

If it's not too much to ask...would it be possible for The Classic Collection to be extended with more maps??? It's a really fun way to keep the replay value going for AMC-TC and I think it could use some extra maps here and there (but there is a sufficient amount already so it's completely cool if not :P ) Also it would be wonderful if characters like the Cultist and John could get a more complete weapon set instead of the temporary weapons taking up primary slots. Much like Jane has more her own weapons :P think it would just give A LOT more value to play them (especially the cultist)

+2 votes     reply to comment
Jblade35 Author
Jblade35 May 10 2012, 6:08am replied:

I'd love to, but the max map limit for an episode is 32 levels and that episode is very near that limit. Things may change in the future though :)

+1 vote   reply to comment
Sangelothi May 10 2012, 6:47pm replied:

That's I said there already is a sufficient amount of maps, would be nice to have some more but it's cool if not possible ^_^

Hoping for a more complete weapon set for the Cultist and John still :P

+1 vote     reply to comment
TheUnbeholden Nov 13 2012, 7:11pm replied:

the answer to that would be the use of custom maps, you can download like a pack of new maps and play them by choosing "user maps". It would use the AMC resources.

+1 vote     reply to comment
micky_c Jul 30 2013, 6:14pm replied:

I think it might have recently been lifted to 64 levels.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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