Team of ??? working on a Halo mod for C&C Generals Zero Hour

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Anywhere [OLD] 3D Structure Modeler and Texture Artist at Zero Hour : HCW Team

3d structure modeler and texture artist zero hour : hcw team anywhere artists this is a non paying job for the command and conquer zero hour mod, zero hour: human covenant war. required is a 3d modeler with good experience with 3dsmax/gmax and a eye for detail. all i need is someone to provide textured 3d models of certain structures and such from the halo universe. do not need to be familiar with the games, just need to be able to provide models from concept art, also needs to be able to complete a 5k+ poly model in at least a week (lenient on that) thanks for looking, email for more details and to apply

May 28, 2011
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