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Mai Justice

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mai justice wolfgame anywhere web/other the goal is to have a playable build of the first chapter by pax east'12 in boston. we are working with french rice games (we're friends!) to obtain a booth at the con. i will personally be attending in order show mai justice as well as silverquest (wolfgame's other title), as well as interacting with fans and industry professionals. myself, garrett colas, genel jumalon, and sara wade will be hosting a booth. you could be there too! pax'11 was such an incredible experience, everyone should have the chance to attend, and especially to have something to show for their passion. please see mai justice news to find out more about the game. -------------------------------------- traditional artist~(1 slot) •must be able to show an eye for graphic design, fashion design, and have the ability to create expressive pieces. •have an interest for pop-culture and keep up with the current trends. •self-start concept art for the whole world of mai justice with little overt direction. •be willing to work with the wolfgang (me!) to concept the world and characters. 3d artist or animators~(2 slots) •must be a proficient modeler and texture artist. •have the ability to creatively •must be able to rig and animate. •must show an ability to create very exaggerated cartoon animations •must understand sexuality and modern gender issues in the games medium. programmer~(1 or 2 slots) •must be an absolute code wizard. •must be able to show creative and wacky examples of just "fun code" •take great joy in writing, developing and polishing features, shaders, and mechanics. •must have a deep-seeded interest or fascination with pop-culture or idol culture. •must be willing to quickly prototype areas, debug rooms, and control fluidity. (polish, polish, polish!) •must love steam, and be willing to incorporate the steamworks api into the final product. filled positions~ designer/writer, 3d/2d artist: wolfgang wozniak (ouren) composer: phillip lanzbom (postpre) pr/community manager: sara wade (swadelavie) contact wolfgang wozniak wolf (at) sara wade sara (at) general hello (at) team name~ wolfgame project name: mai justice target aim digital: retail websites compensation. monetary gains from the project will be evenly divided among the remaining team members at the time of publishing to download services, and limited retail. willing to negotiate.

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No job ads have been placed. If you are managing a non-commerical development project and want to find top programming and artistic talent, then Mod DB is the place to recruit skilled new team members.

Jun 3, 2011
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