Westwood Studios (1985-2003) was a computer and video game developer, founded in 1985 as Westwood Associates by Brett Sperry and Louis Castle and based in Las Vegas, Nevada. In March of 2003, Westwood Studios was liquidated by EA and all willing staff were assimilated into EA Los Angeles.

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We know that it's been awhile since we have posted any news and we apologise about that. Here is a new update and hopefully to be followed with many more!

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C&C Reborn Update

Is it February already? March? April? Oh wait, It's May, I think it's about time for some kind of update. I know, I know; we've been slacking a bit on these and I feel we owe everyone a big apology for keeping you all in the dark for so long. We're going to try to start posting news much more often to better keep you guys informed, you're our community, you're our fans, you're why we do this; you deserve to be up-to-date on the development of this project so we're going to try a little better. How does that sound?

What have we been up to?

Anyhow, you're all probably aware that the current build of the mod has been out to testers for some time now and we're aware of most of the problems that need to be fixed. We've gone though and complied quite the list of fixes, changes and balance issues reported by the testers so that's has been the main focus of development in the past months. Expect to start seeing change logs being posted as well as game play changes.

We have recently accepted a new set of testers and they have shown to be a great bunch, reporting bugs, balance issues and giving some very nice constructive feedback they are very hard working!

Team News

On the development forefront, we're gone through a small team reconstruction at the moment. Dark, our current leader and the guy behind putting together the entire game, fixing all the bugs and all that good stuff is taking a much needed break to focus on his own endeavors. He's been working VERY hard for the past five years to bring this mod to a fun, playable state that everyone can enjoy. This mod wouldn't be where it is today if wasn't for his dedication and passion, so I think he deserves a big thank you from everyone to let him know we appreciate all his hard work.

Replacing Dark wasn't any easy task though, but we've managed to find someone to fill in until his return so development can keep moving in a positive direction. Expect to hear an announcement regarding that and a list of proposed changes very soon. Thank you all for your continued support

Map Update

R315r4z0r has been working on the new TS_City map and it is looking amazing so far, it's a great clash of the old C&C Renegade version but with an awesome amount of updated visuals, new tunnels and a lot more. Expect to see a lot more of the map in the near future!

The End

Well that's it for this week's update, we hope you like it and watch out for next week's update. Be sure to follow us here, on Moddb and on facebook!


thank you for such making a great mod Dark, you deserve much of the need rest, i was starting to lose hope but this update has brought me back, glad to see you weren't slacking. keep up to good work and i hope the script comes out soon (if it dose come out -_-)

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Many thanks to DarkAngel, and good luck with future endeavours. Nice to see some progress guys.

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keep up the great work! Thanks Dark! Good luck with your new projects!

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Good to see continued progress. Looking forward to trying the final release.

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Awesome news! Well done Dark, enjoy the break. And keep it up guys! Can't wait for the new version! And more updates :D

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Lol, that is all.

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good to here from ye

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