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Anywhere [OLD] Video editor at Virtual Creators

video editor virtual creators anywhere artists only thing needed is that you are able to edit videos at an expert skill. its a one-time job in which you would make a trailer by editing a video i offer to you but i may contact you for any other game i make. this would be a paid job for indians at 10inr to 50inr depending on the quality of the video produced and outsider will sadly not get the fees

Anywhere [OLD] Animator or 3Drad user at Virtual Creators

animator or 3drad user virtual creators anywhere programmers i need a person who knows to animate people models in any software but preferred is blender or someone who knows 3drad scripts well. we will send you ideas on your emails by picture and you can model and animate it. for 3drad, i will post you the project file and tell you what i intend to do. virtual creators is a non-profit organization so don't expect fees.

Nov 27, 2013
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