-: Company Overview VAS is a Gaming Studio that came to life from the founders of "Vigilant Addiction" which was once a Gaming Community for friends to hang out and play multiple games with through their years and stay connected. We are looking for people with that "Lead" mentality; perhaps you've had experience in a large Studio and wish to move into a smaller Studio family and push into a Lead role, or maybe you have the talent and desire but lack the 'paper education' for that large Studio job. VAStudios is based out of Houston, TX but an online Independent Video Game Studio.

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USA [OLD] VAStudios - Multiple Positions for New Project (Unreal) at Vigilant Addiction Studios

vastudios - multiple positions for new project (unreal) vigilant addiction studios usa audio/music vastudios is putting together a team to work on their next project and looking for people that can fill various hats. as a new indie studio with no investor backing, or publisher to answer to, the positions pay no up-front salary or wages (at this time); but instead are organized with profit sharing contracts to each individual on the team. we like to classify these positions as “spare-time” positions; as each person will have a weekly set of goals to complete as the team completes larger monthly milestones. we are fully aware that this type of position will only apply to a small fraction of people; people with the means, availability, and drive. vastudios has used this system on its current project, adventurer manager, which is currently on steam early access. here’s a quick rundown of what to expect and the positions: * have all software/hardware needs to fulfill the position * be able to write/speak english (reading it helps too i suppose) * be located in the united states * reliable access to the internet * be plugged into the studio email/drive account (google) * have that “be my own boss” attitude and passion to make games! * working with unreal 4 engine & able to afford the $20/mo usage fee. (for unreal) position listings ** [filled] environmental designer and artist ** programming wizard (yes, their work is magic) ** [filled] 3d modeling perfectionist ** particle effects and designs (actual magic) ** [filled] user interface design ** multiplayer server design/programming (networking might come in handy) ** [filled] concept artist(s) (make the “awesome” come to life) if you have any previous experience in the industry and you’re looking to be apart of something more, than just another head at a desk; this is the place! you’ll be able to get fully engaged with the entire process of designing and developing the game. just because you do, say, concept work… doesn't mean you can’t brainstorm and pitch some awesome skill design ideas! the more hats you can pick up and stylishly wear, the better for everyone! update: interviews are happening this week and will conclude on friday 6/13 for the first round. if you're on the fence, please at least send in your information soon so we can get you in this week. update 6/21: we've concluded our first round of interviews and have filled a few of the positions, shown marked above. however we still implore you to submit your resume to us so we can keep it on file in case something happens in which we may need to reach out to people again.

Anywhere [OLD] Music/Sound for Final Release at Vigilant Addiction Studios

music/sound for final release vigilant addiction studios anywhere audio/music vastudios is seeking someone with the experience, knowledge and passion to create and set moods across various levels/areas of design in our current release project and future releases. our first title release is nearing completion and we're looking for someone with a strong musical background to apply their touch and make things come to life. please already have all software/hardware required to complete the tasks. gobbo is on schedule to release in the next few weeks so we are looking for someone that is available to jump in on this project and get their creative talents hooked into our project and your name in the credits. we are a small studio community of just five people that are working toward profit sharing on this title release and all future releases. gobbo is being developed in unity and set to be released on all mobile platforms; ios/android with a possible web/pc/mac release in the future. please contact us if you are willing to work for no up-front wages with the possibility of a cut of the profit shares. we are open to discussion about compensation, however, we cannot pay an up-front wage.

Apr 25, 2012
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