The Unleashed Team is a small group of friends, whose sole purpose is to create and distribute the Red Alert 3 : Unleashed MOD.

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Anywhere [OLD] Texture Artist at Unleashed Team

texture artist unleashed team anywhere artists an exciting opportunity to join a team that is producing one of the few remaining modifications for the electronic arts game, red alert 3. we are looking for a texture artist to texture units and structures. requirements: successful applicants must be able to produce high quality diffuse textures (and where possible specular, and normal maps, although not a requirement). successful applicants must have 3ds max or compatible 3d modeling software that will allow them to view models to enable them to texture; adobe photoshop or compatible photo editing software. they should also be able to produce textures that fit with existing models, taking designs from the team's concept art. successful applicants will be working as part of a small but focused team. successful applicants should be able to commit to a sustained level of work over the period of the mod. regular contact is required and applicants should have availability on skype for group discussions with team.

Nov 24, 2009
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