We are the team bringing you the Tyranid Mod for Dawn of War, feel free to contact any of us if you have any mod related questions.

0.5b3: Yes, It's Coming

0.5b3: Yes, It's Coming

Feb 11, 2013 Tyranid Mod 16 comments

A quick update on the direction of 0.5b3, including a preview of the new UI bar for your viewing pleasure.

Genestealer model in game!

Genestealer model in game!

Jul 9, 2005 Tyranid Mod 0 comments

We've finally managed to get our genestealer model in game so enjoy these screenshots! Hopefully you'll be able to play with these nasties in...

Ripper and Hatchery models in game

Aug 28, 2005 Tyranid Mod 2 comments

Our fantastic modeller Stryer has managed to get these new models in game for our visual pleasure. The rippers aren't skinned or animated yet but...

New Carnifex Model

New Carnifex Model

Sep 2, 2005 Tyranid Mod 2 comments

Our resident modeller Stryer has just completed the latest addition to our model menagerie, the carnifex! This nasty is capable of destroying hundreds...

Tyranid Mod v3.0

Mar 30, 2006 Tyranid Mod 0 comments

The new version of the Tyranid Mod is here! This release includes the new ripper and troop hive models, as well as many other gameplay changes. This is...

Tyranid Mod v0.4 Release

Feb 26, 2007 Tyranid Mod 1 comment

The Tyranid Mod 0.4 Release is out! Remember this is a temporary release until 0.5, but until then enjoy the new additions in this version! ...

May 9, 2008
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