Trade Secret is a team comprised of Undergraduates, Alumni, and Inter-collegiate students that are joined with a passion for game development and creative freedom. TS is ran under SCRUM and agile development procedures. We believe that every team member's opinion matters, and we have a strong quality assurance practice inside and outside the studio.

Our community presence within the realm of Trade Secret expands outside the game by the use of our Facebook and web page. New content generates quite quickly and we are constantly striving to do better by ourselves and our fans.

David Wessman - Creative Director
Andrew Maul - Project Manager, Lead Level Designer
Kyle Brannon - Producer, PR, Level Design

Winston Powell - Art Lead, 3D Modeling
Zachary Robinson - Rigging, Animations
Dima Goryainov - Concept Art, Texturing
Elissa Claire - Concept Art
William Tate - 2D Design, Concept Art, Texturing
Shawn Geary - 2D Design, Texturing
Kim Mann - Texturing
Ariel Navarrete - 3D Modeling, Animation
Renee Nejo - 3D Modeling, Texturing
Tyler Paneitz - 3D Modeling, Texturing
Blake Bjerke - 3D Modeling, Texturing
Dennis Porter - 3D Modeling, Texturing

Brendan Erquiaga - Lead Scripter, Co-Lead Designer
Bryan Clark - Lead Programmer

James Clark - Story Lead
Austin Langston - Lead Level Designer
Cody Furr - Level Designer
Giovanni Gonzales - Puzzle Design
Tyler Coleman - Systems Design, PR
Dennis Pishik - QA, Scripting, Level Design

William Courtney - Networking, Co-Lead Designer

Web Deployment
Tim Feid - Web Designer

Previous Members
Chris Felch - 3D Modeling, Texturing
Storm Kiernan - AI Programmer
Sean Clark - Concept Art
Spencer Blount - Scripting

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Trade Secret

Trade Secret


Trade Secret is a 2.5D action platformer set in a post-Apocalyptic underground civilization. The game is playable in a browser and supports up to 4 players...


Looking good guys, make us proud!!!

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