Timeline studios was founded in 01/01/2013 and it was a small time of source coders making their own gamemodes and mods that will soon get released hopefully, Timeline studios is a small studio source engine modding studio that are based on 3 developers for now as we are looking for new people to join as TL Studios was founded it had so much mod ideas for half life 2 as the ideas begin building we thought about making our gamemode under our name by basicly making a studio, As we founded the studio it begin as a copyright studio for our own benefits, The company as I said was founded in the first month of 2013., as we begin to start making our gamemodes we also had many issues since we are only 3 coders…so we are currently hireing for this month and well be releasing a lot of new cool mods and gamemodes so be sure to subscribe to us on ModDB.com and we hope you guys will like our gamemodes and etc.

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Anywhere [OLD] Player Modeler at DV Studios

player modeler dv studios anywhere programmers we are looking for a player modeler that has some experince in hes job/postion we would like to see some experince in him. postion requirements: 1.must be atleast 13-14 years of age 2. must have experince in this kind of postion 3. must have a spirt of teamwork -if we do get enough money we will pay you-

Feb 26, 2013
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