The Viper Project Modding Team is a modding team for the game "Grand Theft Auto San Andreas" (R). We will be creating mods for the game based on the 90's hit TV show "VIPER". The group is invitation only, so you must message a team leader and state your credentials and what you can do for the group if you wish to join. We currently have all the members we require.

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Anywhere [OLD] Viper Project Modding Team Is Seeking For A Animation Modeler at The Viper Project Modding Team

viper project modding team is seeking for a animation modeler the viper project modding team anywhere artists the viper project modding team is in need of a animation modeler how can help us with re-creating the morph effects for the viper mod, based off the viper tv series. if you thing that you can help us out please read the instructions inside the annouchement topic you can find the in the link, ore on our website:

Apr 13, 2009
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