We are the Mushrooms. A small company founded by GoombaJMR. This company makes games, music, and books. We are currently working more towards gaming, as different members of the group have worked together to make some decent unity games. There are 4 founders, and 5 members in the group right now. 2 of them are in Taiwan, 1 in San Francisco, and 2 in Hong Kong. If there is any request to join this company, please send an email to the creators.

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Anywhere [OLD] Programmer at The Mushrooms

programmer the mushrooms anywhere programmers a man/woman who is good with unity. no limit to how much you have to work for us. company is split across the world with a few people in many countries. company founded a few months ago. unity games are being designed but we need help! intermediate+ javascript knowledge needed. c# optional. you will have to like a facebook page ( the company ) and add the owner on facebook. therefore you can talk with us. good luck!

Dec 12, 2012
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