Tetra-Luna Studios is an independent studio team thriving to deliver only the best to our community. Founded in 2012 by Nicolas, Dario & Edin, with love for producing content for people to enjoy, we all decided to start our own studio! We are still pretty new to the world of game development but we each had skills that were just right for the job! If you'd like to join us, just leave a message and we'll respond as soon as possible!

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Anywhere [OLD] Concept Artisit at Tetra-Luna Studios

concept artisit tetra-luna studios anywhere artists we currently need a concept artist to do some art for our mod. this mod is called empire's end and will be available for red orchestra 2. we are looking for an artist who knows how to make war scenes. we won't need much art but we would greatly appreciate someone helping us! you will be featured on our site as a member of the development team.

Jan 21, 2013
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