--Gaming Never Tasted Better-- We are currently developing a game using the unreal engine, its really big so it might take a long time

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AnyWhere [OLD] [PAID] Indie game needs artists at TeamYogert

indie game needs artists teamyogert anywhere artists hello, i am the head of game development for team yogert. team yogert is currently making 3 games, and we are terribly under-staffed, we are now hiring. if you are an aspiring artist,programmer or mapper, then your exactly what we need. needed mappers(source engine and udk), digital artist,c++ programmer,unreal-script coder, java scripter, web-designer. requirements none, as long as you can do your job well theirs no need for past experience benefits besides getting to work on games with a team of dedicated staff, royalties, depending on how much you do, you get a % of whatever the games you work on make.

Anywhere Skype Needed [OLD] [PAID] TeamYogert Hiring Paid Position at TeamYogert

teamyogert hiring paid position teamyogert anywhere skype needed programmers dear moddb community, me and a small team of around 10 people all around the world are making an epic mod, we are using the source engine.if you are a talented with it and looking for that big thing to get you noticed, this is it. but if getting noticed is not enough for you, you'll also get a big share of what the game makes programmers will get (estimate)15-30% overall profit animators will get (estimated) 15-25% overall profit here is what were looking for: modeler,animator (both) artist (concept and textures) character development artist programmer mappers if the job you want is not there you may still be hired if we think your good enough

AnyWhere Skype Needed [OLD] Wanted Web Designer at TeamYogert

wanted web designer teamyogert anywhere skype needed web/other i am looking for a talented web designer who is fluent in javascript. you would have to look at a template of a website and make it into a usable website i am afraid i am currently unable to pay you as all the funds i have are going into the project

Anywhere [OLD] [PAID] giving away assasins creed 1 and 2 at TeamYogert

giving away assasins creed 1 and 2 teamyogert anywhere artists i need a few models for a project i am working on. i realize that no one is going to help an indie project for nothing so ill sweeten the deal, the best model i get from now to 7/11/2012 will get a free copy of assassins creed 1 and 2!!!! models: rules: :you have to own the rights to everything you submit to me :the best modeler will be contacted within 5 working days :the winner must own a steam account :the models must be untextured

Sep 18, 2012
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