This group is created by ruMpel and Minuit. Both of us have a really good mind of creating sick mods, like Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut and Cry of Fear. We also made almost everything on Resident Evil Cold Blood Beta 2. Check them out! Currently working on: Cry of Fear Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut members: ruMpel - Leader Minuit - Generic member (coding) Cry of Fear members: ruMpel - Leader Minuit - Leader Sporkeh - Modeller/Skinner DragonNOR - Voice Actor BerZerK89 - Voice Actor

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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Programmers

Posted by on Dec 2nd, 2012

Do you want to work on a standalone game that will be released on Steam? Do you want to work with a game that's already been released with a team that have already proven they can deliver?

Team Psykskallar are looking for an experienced rendering programmer to work on Cry of Fear. Cry of Fear is a Half-Life 1 modification with over 440,000 downloads on ModDB alone. It was selected as one of the first 10 projects ever to be greenlit by Valve's new Greenlight system, up there with mods with No More Room in Hell and Black Mesa Source. We are looking for:

- Someone who isn't afraid to work with old code
- Someone familiar with OpenGL (older versions)
- Someone who is confident with shadow maps, colour correction etc
- Someone who is mature and can work in a team
- Someone who can deliver on time

Due to the mod being greenlit and integrated into Steamworks, you will be working with a separate clean-code branch of the Paranoia mod (the mod upon which CoF is built) and I will handle integration. This is due to an NDA agreement with Valve. The position is unpaid, and the project is non-commercial, but you will get a fair portion of all donations to the mod.

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Jun 29, 2008
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