Mainly modding for Oblivion, we at Tale and Lore like to focus on making new areas to explore and deep storylines for players to battle through. We are currently working on the mod "The Urchin Isles" WE ARE CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR MEMBERS: if you have a fair knowledge of scripting and or quest making using the TES Construction set for Oblivion then contact us with some evidence of your work or capabilities. We are a predominately english group but are happy to work with people from any country as long as they can speak english fluently as to keep up good communication in the group. Our current team specialise in Mapping, Voice acting and Plot and Dialouge Scripting (e.g. the script for character's speach not how to make them do something in game) If you feel you have something you can offer our group then please do contact us. We'd be happy to hear from you. Happy playing and modding ModDB community!

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