We work on the next-gen space-sim/FPS/RTS game "PREEMINENCE online"! We come from across the globe, together we are your friendly game-developers from outer space :}

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Anywhere [OLD] CryENGINE 3 Wiz at sup space studios

cryengine 3 wiz sup space studios anywhere programmers hello there, you fine talented wizard, i hear you walk the path of cryengine ? great, so do we, yet, we need some of your magic to make it happen! sup space studios is developing "preeminence online", a next-gen space-sim/fps/rts focusing on fun and such fancy things like...yk...moar fun. we have some tricky tasks ahead of us, challenges must be overcome, funding needs to be secured and talents have to be recruited. -> as a cryengine (3) generalist you know your way around in sandbox (3) and sport some more intimate knowledge of the engine's inner workings. -> ideally you know how to code/script! -> if you had some ties to crytek it wouldn't hurt either.

Anywhere [OLD] Asset Modeler / Prop Artist at sup space studios

asset modeler / prop artist sup space studios anywhere artists hello there, we are from outer space and our game comes in pieces... erm... well, actually, we still need more pieces - this is where you come into play! as part of our asset creation team you'll be making and baking all those shiny new sparkle-things we need to make a great game, including flying saucers for everyone on the project. -> you are competent with one or more 3d content creation environments such as 3ds max, maya, softimage, blender, c4d or similar. -> ideally you also know how to sculpt details onto your meshes using mudbox, zbrush or any other tool you like capable of exporting both texture and displacement back onto a realtime-ready low-poly asset. -> ideally you know how to ( and are good at it ) paint textures onto models.

Anywhere [OLD] Texture Artist at sup space studios

texture artist sup space studios anywhere artists hey there flat-lander, a bird told us flat out that you're good with flatteringly beautiful flat textures...erm...making them that is. now, if that's how it is, we'd sure like to hear from you, we could need more of your kind working with us! -> as a part of our asset creation team you'd be creating high-quality textures for use with our 3d game-models. -> ideally you are capable of producing previews/concept arts of the objects you're creating textures for and/or then create matching actual textures. -> ideally you not only make textures beautiful but also give them a certain depth (bm, dpm, nm).

Anywhere [OLD] Interface Designer at sup space studios

interface designer sup space studios anywhere artists hey there handsome.....big square red button with times new roman text on it? no, nooooo! why? oh, why? if only we had an interface designer at hand it could have been something less...plain. oh wait, i see one over there... *looks your way* we are currently looking for a talented interface-designer to join us, it might as well be you!

Anywhere [OLD] Assistant Game Designer at sup space studios

assistant game designer sup space studios anywhere web/other hello there, mr. designer sir, we at sup space studios are looking for a talented game designer to aid with documentation and system design related to our title "preeminence online", a space-sim / shooter currently being in the works. sup space studios is a band of brothers ( and sisters :3 ) mostly made up of industry professionals from around the world - we do value quality above all else. as an assistant game designer you'll review and improve existing designs, come up with risk analyses and suggestions on how to "do things better". you'll report directly to the design team. in short... ____________________________________________ your responsibilities will be: - review documentation - scan for design flaws - optimize mechanics - add to existing design - work on further assignments as they come up ____________________________________________ this is you: - you're fluent in english, both in speech and ecriture - you have previous design-experience (i.e. academic or practical) - you are free to dedicate 7h/week to our cause or more - you sport excellent communication skills ____________________________________________ ideally this is also you: - you have profound knowledge of game production pipelines - you grog maths (higher maths, not just 1+1) - you are familiar with the needs of the cryengine 3 - you are not restricted to stick-men when it comes to drawing - you know your way around with industry standard tools such as photoshop, 3ds max or similar, confluence/wiki, articy:draft, ms word, excel, ms project, gantt etc. ____________________________________________ this is for you: - a medium profit-share on projects you work on - a medium salary starting the day we secure funding - valuable experience you can put on your cv and grow on - a cool team and lots of fun

Anywhere [OLD] 3D Modeler / Prop Artist at sup space studios

3d modeler / prop artist sup space studios anywhere artists preeminence online is an indie game project sup space is currently working on. to further strengthen our global team we now require an additional 3d artist with a skillset as close to the one described below as possible. required skills: - sculpting (3d coat, zbrush etc) - hs modeling (maya/3ds max/xsi/blender etc) - unwrapping (uv layouts don't make themselves and no, pushing the "unwrap" button of an automated tool generally doesn't cut it!) nice to have: - experience with cryengine (that's our target platform) - 2d artsiness (think concepts, textures and paint-jobs) - a fascination for science fiction and the technologies therein - rigging/skinning/animating skills (might speed up things in the pipeline) sup space is offering a piece of the pie ( and the pie is no lie! ) for everyone contributing to preeminence online's commercial success, however, given the distributed nature of the project group and the current lack of substantial funding we cannot compensate you right off the bat. to clarify this explicitly: we are not looking for subcontractors, outsourcing companies or any other people who may only be in for the money. this is not to say that we are not at all in for the money ourselves, it's just not the sole reason we got. looking forward to seeing some interesting applications!

Anywhere [OLD] 2D Artist / Technical Artist at sup space studios

2d artist / technical artist sup space studios anywhere artists preeminence online is an indie game project currently in development by sup space. to further strengthen our growing global team, we now require an additional 2d artist, preferably with strong technical drawing aptitude. the successful candidate will be as close to the specs given below as possible. required skills: - technical drawing (we don't just care about how stuff looks, we need you to communicate how it works too!) - basic understanding of kinematics and dynamics from at least a newtonian perspective. (so you get what our designers are talking about when they need you to draw one of our spricklesprocket-gizmonizers!) nice to have: - 3d modelling skills (knowing basic controls in at least one 3d suite may greatly contribute to your overall effectiveness in our team) looking forward to some interesting applications then! oh, and just to make it clear enough: sup space is sharing the wealth, unfortunately, there is no wealth to share yet, so, if you like pie and want a piece of it, you'll have to wait for it to come out of the oven first.

Jan 23, 2013
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