Stratobass Games is an indie game development company wants to bring their ideas to life. Currently, we only have two members, and we are seeking more. Please contact us if you may have any questions.

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Anywhere [OLD] [INDIE] C# Programmer at Stratobass Games

[indie] c# programmer stratobass games anywhere programmers we would like assistance regarding the programming of the games we wish to create. we want to make an open world game, preferably multiplayer, that would run on unity3d. it would be very open to whatever the player wishes to do. right now, we need to build a framework for it to run on. we're looking for somebody to fill the position of programmer at stratobass games and help on the project. required skills: - simple knowledge of unity - skilled at c# programming - good communication - reliable please note, this position is not a paid position, but when we release our game, which will be commercial, you will be payed then. if you'd like to know more about our company, please visit us at to apply apply at

Mar 16, 2014
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