The Star Wars: BattleCry Team is currently using CryEngine 3 to create the spiritual successor to Star Wars Battlefront 2. The mod will be free to play (no money involved at all) and we will ensure that no copyright laws are broken. Gameplay will be solid, matches will be balanced and the graphics will be state-of-the-art while retaining that incredibly important Star Wars feel. Fasten your seatbelts 'cause this mod is going to be good! May the force be with you... Always.

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Anywhere [OLD] Artists, Programmers, Level Builders at Star Wars: Battlecry Team

artists, programmers, level builders star wars: battlecry team anywhere programmers please apply here: available jobs: 2d artist / graphics designer fx artist programmer level builder 3d character artist 3d artist cryengine particle fx creator 3d environment artist requirements: coders: c++ and/or lua. exception if for example they have used c# a lot with unity or used unrealscript a lot). animators: animating humanoids, mostly. software: max or maya (for exporting)) modelers: high/low poly modeling/sculpting, baking maps, uving. software: max / maya / blender for exporting, package of choice for creating. 2d (hud/menu building): knowledge of action script 2 and flash (would be good to know some lua/c++, too). 2d other: photoshop/gimp. mappers: used sandbox editor before (or at least something similar, like the udk editor). even if your specific skill set is not listed above you should still apply as we are always looking for talented people that can contribute to the project! no asking to alpha/beta test the game!

Oct 6, 2012
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