We are a small studio based out of Saginaw, MI. We are currently in development of our first game, "UltraGore". We will be uploading our progress with the game shortly to it's own IndieDB page.

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Anywhere [OLD] Promotional Artist at Spoonfork Studios

promotional artist spoonfork studios anywhere artists we are looking to work with an artist who can make promotional material, mainly pictures, for our game "ultragore". we need someone who can make awesome and eye-catching "logos", if you will. by "logos" i mean like the header, box shot, icon, etc. these will be mostly for our page here on indiedb as well as our facebook page (which we will eventually make). this is an unpaid position, however when the game does come out you will be credited in the credits as well as we will add you to our official team here at spoonfork studios.

Feb 7, 2013
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