Sord is a small indie group that was formed by three members of a gaming clan (of the same name) who wanted to make their own games with ideas that they have got from thinking "This game would be so much better if..." or "Imagine if there was a game where you could...". we are working on a fighting game called "Infinity Fighter", the idea of the game is unoriginal but of course we will put our own twists on things to make it unique.

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Anywhere [OLD] [PAID] Programmer at Sord.

programmer sord. anywhere programmers we are hiring for our small development team sord which is currentley working on our first game "infinity fighter" a 2d beat 'em' up. whoever takes the job will be payed but only when the game is in its alpha/beta stage and people would be paying to play it then we can pay the current team and hire more team members.

Jul 4, 2012
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