We are a studio, new to the gaming scene. We're gonna go out of our way to bring you some of the most unusual gaming experiences you've ever, well, experienced. Our resources are limited at the moment but in the long run, you can bet assorted shits will hit numberous fans.

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Anywhere [OLD] Game Design at Something Strange Studios

game design something strange studios anywhere artists i am seeking anyone who wishes to partake in the creation of a source modification for half life 2. the mod will be largely a comedy using most of the source engine resources given how hard it is to find a programmer that wants to work for free. some skills that would be helpful include: - writing - level design - gameplay design - design in general - sandwich design - art of any kind, including finger and or hand print art. if you are at all interested, please email me.

Anywhere [OLD] Source Programmer at Something Strange Studios

source programmer something strange studios anywhere level designers the new alteration mod has recently undergone some design changes and i realised that "well damn, i need some help." if you have any experience in modding at all, specifically programming or art (but i'll also accept help from anyone else). the mod itself is a collection of strange and at often times f**king weird gameplay aspects, enemies and objectives (ever hunted a battle panda in the wild kids)?

Aug 16, 2013
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