We are the people behind Nox Aeterna. A survival horror source modification.

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Anywhere [OLD] Level Designer for Source mod Nox Aeterna at Skullhead Design

level designer for source mod nox aeterna skullhead design anywhere level designers we are in a need for level designer that will design the layout, flow and gameplay of the levels that will be featured in the upcoming source mod, nox aeterna. you can check the mod's current progress here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/nox-aeterna your task: you're task will be to envision and design the overall layout and gameplay of the levels for nox aeterna. because of this, we're specifically looking for someone with strong skills in core level design and not environmental design, because the latter is the job of our environmental artist. requirements: • at least one finished map • strong foundation skills (knowing the ins and outs of source, etc.) • strong skills in level design • team-player • past work to show bonus: • skills in 3d modeling • experience in adobe photoshop • experienced with source modding • online portfolio

Nov 3, 2011
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