Sierra Entertianment is the division of Vivendi games famous for titles such as Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Empire Earth, Leisure Suit Larry, Ground Control and Tribes to name but a few.

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Half-life1 Coding: 4digits on HUD and 9999 ammo on clip

Half-life1 Coding: 4digits on HUD and 9999 ammo on clip

Half-Life Client Side Coding 8 comments

Second part of the tutorial, that includes the modification of the HUD to show 4 digits on ammo, and the modificacion on the client-server message for...

Half-life1 Coding: More than 254 of ammo

Half-life1 Coding: More than 254 of ammo

Half-Life Server Side Coding 10 comments

In hl1 you can simply edit the max_ammo_carry of certain ammo type but the hud would show up to 254 of ammo, this is because the message that send the...

How to make a prop in XSI for HL2

How to make a prop in XSI for HL2

Props Modelling Tutorial 2 comments

How to construct a prop in XSI, texture it, export it & compile to .mdl format and put in-game!

Setting Up Valve Hammer Editor

Setting Up Valve Hammer Editor

Starting a mod Tutorial 51 comments

It took me a lot of time searching through the internet how to set up Hammer 3.5 and make it work flawlessly, and I never found a tutorial that had everything...

DoD Mapping Tutorial

Mapping/Technical Tutorial 8 comments

A video tutorial which demonstrates how to make a map for the original Day of Defeat modification using the Valve Hammer Editor

Basic Hl2 Modeling Tutorial

Weapons Modelling Tutorial 26 comments

Today I will be walking you through the wonderful world of modelling and compiling for half life 2. This tutorial is targeted at 3dsmax users and half...

Homeworld 2

Setting up a New Race

Homeworld 2 Client Side Coding 11 comments

Almost always the basic goal of most modders, to add a whole new race to Homeworld 2, but how? Well, for all you newcomers to Homeworld 2 modding, I am...

Homeworld 2

Enable AI to Build New Ships

Homeworld 2 Client Side Coding 2 comments

Okay, so you have a new race, or you've added a new ship into Homeworld 2. That's great and all, but your computer, no matter how good, doesn't...


Reskinning A Model

Half-Life Players Modelling 16 comments

So, you want to know how to edit your "Half-Life 1" model and have them show um in your mod? Well this is the tutorial for you!



Half-Life Textures 8 comments

This is a Tutorial for people who want realistic lighting in they're maps.


Modding Weapons (Ammo, Weight etc)

Half-Life Client Side Coding 75 comments

This tutorial will teach you how to edit the ammo per clip, how fast you walk with a weapon and much more! Check it out... For Half-life 1


HuD Colouring

Half-Life Client Side Coding 26 comments

This tutorial will cover the Basics for changing the colour of the HUD in HL


Proper Half-Life mapping: The Essentials, Leaks, and Beginner's Guide

Half-Life Mapping/Technical 7 comments

Just got your hammer and you think you can follow the basic glass and sky tutorials? Wrong. What I'm going to do is ram mapping etiquette into your...

NPC and Item Placement Theory

Level Design/Theory Tutorial 4 comments

Non-Player Character (NPC) and item placement can influence both the gameflow and immersion of a level. This article aims to give some pointers on how...


Making a Rotating Door

Half-Life Mapping/Technical 7 comments

You will be taught how to use the entity; "Func_Door_Rotating". Pretty easy :)


Adding a Skybox

Half-Life Mapping/Technical 2 comments

The Skybox is the Image around your map - This tutorial is 100% Necessary if you are making an outdoor map.


Standard Measurements (CS)

Half-Life Mapping/Technical 2 comments

These are the standard Measurements, taken from cs_mansion which is practically older than CS. It includes; doors, walls and windows. - Very basic Mapping...


Using the Clipping tool

Half-Life Mapping/Technical 10 comments

In this tutorial, you will be taught how to clip objects, using the Clipping tool.


Making { Textures Invisible

Half-Life Mapping/Technical 5 comments

In this tutorial, you will be taught how to make the blue areas on textures e.g. fences, air-ducts and so on, and so fourth, invisible.


Rigging Characters for Half-Life (3ds MAX)

Half-Life Animation 6 comments

This tutorial will get yourself familiarized with the process of "rigging" a character for Half-Life. Because this is the first step to character...

The Half-Life Almanac Review

Management Tutorial 0 comments

Looking at, reviewing and getting background on the famous Half-Life Almanac.


Building the DLLs with VS.NET 2003 for Steam

Half-Life Client Side Coding 12 comments

Teaches you how to setup your VS.NET 2003 to build the Half-Life dlls, and how to get them working on Steam.

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Modding Weapons (Ammo, Weight etc) Basic Client Side Coding
Setting Up Valve Hammer Editor
Setting Up Valve Hammer Editor Basic Starting a mod
Half-life1 Coding: 4digits on HUD and 9999 ammo on clip
Half-life1 Coding: 4digits on HUD and 9999 ammo on clip Intermediate Client Side Coding
HuD Colouring Basic Client Side Coding
Half-life1 Coding: More than 254 of ammo
Half-life1 Coding: More than 254 of ammo Basic Server Side Coding
Rigging Characters for Half-Life (3ds MAX) Advanced Animation
DoD Mapping Tutorial Advanced Mapping/Technical
Basic Hl2 Modeling Tutorial Basic Weapons Modelling
Making { Textures Invisible Basic Mapping/Technical
Reskinning A Model Basic Players Modelling
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