"Stargate Network" is a free private game made with the Unreal Development Kit. It's a multi-player RPG-Simulator game based on the Stargate series (Stargate SG_1, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe). In SGC, a lot of programs faithfully reproduced from the famous Dialing Program to others programs least knowns will able you to control the Stargate and the base. Join a team, and go to explore the galaxy !

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Stargate Network is an indie and free multiplayer game based on the simulation and the exploration of several worlds of the Stargate franchise’s universe. You can play a character created by you : name, appearance, clothing, race, folk... and to make evolve according to your choice. It's an open world that you can to explore freely, or by effecting missions if you are in the active service of your faction.

If in the most planets you will find a DHD in order to compose an address, in the SGC and on Atlantis you will be able to uses computers full of programs, displayable in fullscreen, to visualize and full-control the stargate activation procedure.
The ultimate way of transport will be the spacecrafts : ha'tak, deathglider, jumper, etc.

About the team

We are a team of 15 hobbyists, as such, this is an unpaid position. Age varies between 16 and 30 years old and skills are varied : coding, modeling, texturing, animating, design, music... we miss just one character artist to complete our skills. We are mainly french but we can speak english as well. We use a svn server and skype to synchronize our work.

About this position

We need a character artist who can do these roles :
• Modeling a nude human (then aliens)
• Initially do it based on the UDK skeleton
• Make a realistic skin and hair
• Creating new animations
• Make morphs to customize it
• Eventually make riggings

We also are still opened to any help of non-organics 3D artists and 2D artists.

To Apply

Contact me either at meardon@stargate-network.net, or PM me here, or post a message on our forum. Please include visuals of your previous work!

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