Seizure Salad is an indie company that is making and producing a title called "Beyond The Lines"

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Anywhere [OLD] 3D Animation at Seizure Salad

3d animation seizure salad anywhere level designers we are looking for 3d animators for a quake game/mod we are working on. all work can be done in blender/3ds max/whatever you use, so no worry's about this. more specifically we are looking for people the can animate weapons and enemy's. for any questions/information you would like to know just ask in your resume! as a side note you don't need to be extremely talented as this is a quake mod. plus you will be getting paid little if any at all. in your resume you should include some things you have animated. that's all. after that we'll determine if you're right for the team, and we'll send you a reply back! thanks!

May 19, 2013
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