We are an indie gaming company based in the UK. We are currently in the development stage of our first major release.

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I am Josh Gallagher the Founder of Sector7Games. I set this company up in September and we started our game Dead Inisde soon after, for the last couple of months me and my team have been working very hard to bring our game together and produce AAA game quality game play and models.

Our current game in development is Dead Inside and we are not far off alpha, the main outline of the story is: 'The game is based on the idea that the protagonist and his family have been trying to survive for a number of weeks amongst an undead society. In the beginning of the game, the protagonist leaves his family to look for supplies which are already scarce. As he returns home, he finds his wife and daughter's bodies, still on the floor, surrounded in blood with unbelievable flesh wounds to their necks and wrists. At that moment, a news bulletin from the government warns all survivors to be cautious around any dead bodies, and if safe, dismember the head from the neck, severing all nerves.

The protagonist sees that there is no other option than to destroy his families bodies.

After this, he stocks up on weapons and prepares for war.'

That is the main outline of the story but we will further elaborate on it. The game modes that we will incorporate will be Single player (Survival Mode), Multiplayer (Online Survival) and also available in first and third person views.

We are looking for an programmer who is confident that he/she can produce great content,we are looking for these skills:
Scripting languages (high knowledge)
AI scripting knowledge
GUI Unity scripting knowledge
General scripting knowledge in game design

Also you will need:
Dedicate at least 5 hours a week to this project
Have a skype account
Get on in a working environment

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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