Rotating Cube Games is currently developing their main game 'Mindworld', a cinematic FPS Action Adventure that takes place in a surreal dreamworld. The first out of three chapters is called Shattered Dreams and is a Half-Life 2 Modification.

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Hey guys,

My name is Kjell Bunjes and I am the Team Leader & Art Director of the upcoming Action Adventure Mindworld: Shattered Dreams. The team consists of people who are either working professionally in the industry or are ambitious to do so. We are currently looking for concept artists, who are capable of coming up with various creative designs for environment art.

You can check the game's page right here:

Your task would be to define the surreal dream world environments.

Previous concept art:
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(Character Concept - Markus Lovadina; Rough Concept - Adam Clark; Apartment Concept - Adam Clark)


• Efficient workflow in digital art
• Strong foundation skills (perspective, color theory, composition etc.)
• Strong skills in environmental art
• Well-organized data management
• Teamplayer
• Past work to show


• Strong skills in industrial design
• Strong skills in illustration
• Experienced with single client work
• Experienced with studio work
• Online Portfolio

You are going to work along with Markus Lovadina and other professional artists, who have up to 16+ years of experience in the entertainment industry. We can show you a finished pre-production set (Level plan with necessary information and 8 concept pieces) in order to give you an idea about your tasks within the team upon request.

Your task:

You are going to develop level design plans with belonging concept art at key locations for the pipeline of production and post-production. We expect that you work in a professional manner. In the process, you are going to get art direction and in-depth feedback multiple times for each piece.


This position gives the great chance to not only gain experience in the common fields of concept art, but also challenges you with level design parts. Developing the required plans for our Lead Level Designer gives you the first hand experience, which is also very welcomed in the professional industry. It shows that you can take responsibility, find creative solutions and deliver it with professionalism. This is what makes your artwork stand out in comparism to just another portfolio.

We are working with set color palettes, weekly schedules, weekly analysis and master designs to make sure that we stay focussed and produce high quality content at any point.

This position requires a minimum of 3-5 hours per week. You have the oppertunity to work on fully detailed illustration (environment art, weapon- and character design) in addition, if you're interested.

We use our forums, DropBox and Skype for the exchange of data and information.

Interested in working with us?
Please, get in touch with me via E-Mail ( or add me on Skype directly (iqewarts) to discuss further details in a personal interview. You can also send me a private message beforehand.

Thanks for your time,
Kjell 'iQew' Bunjes
(Team Leader & Art Director)

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Please, get in touch with me via E-Mail ( or add me on Skype directly (iqewarts) to discuss further details in a personal interview. You can also send me a private message beforehand.

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