We are a team of game developers passionate about both creating games and playing them. We are currently working on a game called Project New Age. If you want to help us, share! If you are a programmer, artist, or any other game-related worker, we'd love it if you applied for a job at Rosed Games.

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Anywhere [OLD] Texture Artist at Rosed Games

texture artist rosed games anywhere artists we're looking for a texture artist who is capable of creating high-resolution uv textures, as well as ui elements and tiling textures. you will not get paid a proper wage until our team finishes a demo for kickstarter and we start crowdfunding, after that happens, some members of the team will be paid depending on the amount of money we get. after the game is released, you will recieve a share of the income. all the textures you create will be used for project new age(at the beginning, for the demo, later for the actual game), a sci-fi fps, so you must be able to create art in that style. you will work with a team of people passionate about both creating games and playing them. you will have a say on everything that is done, be it modelling, writing or programming. we already have a rough concept of what the game will look like, and the demo is partially made, but we badly need some good textures for our models and ui. you can see some screenshots from the creation of the demo on our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/rosedgamesofficial

Aug 4, 2013
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