We are a team of game developers passionate about both creating games and playing them. We are currently working on a game called Project New Age. If you want to help us, share! If you are a programmer, artist, or any other game-related worker, we'd love it if you applied for a job at Rosed Games.

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Anywhere [OLD] 3D Modeller at Rosed Games

3d modeller rosed games anywhere artists we are looking for a 3d modeller, preferably experienced. any program you use is good as long as it is compatible with the unreal engine. you will work with both organic and inorganic models, ranging from character models to houses. rosed games is a team of about 15 game developers, the number is constantly growing. we are friendly and helpful, and all agree that hard work during game development is the key to success at later stages. you will be rewarded when the game is published.

Anywhere [OLD] Looking for: Programmers, Artists, Writers and more at Rosed Games

looking for: programmers, artists, writers and more rosed games anywhere programmers rosed games is currently looking to hire for our latest project called project new age. we are looking for a wide range of people to join out team. all people must have prior experience in making game (dont have to be professional experience). currently we are looking for: programmers in unrealscript: will be working on the main area of the the game, possible ue4 upgrade before release. concept artist: you will be developing concept art for the project. 3d modellers: you will be making all of the 3d assets for the game texture artist: you will be texturing all cinematic creator: your job will be to make all the cinematics for the game writers: you will help to come up with an original story based around the universe voice actors: you will provide voices for the game

Anywhere [OLD] Web Developer at Rosed Games

web developer rosed games anywhere programmers you will be designing the rosed games website for out newest game project new age, you must have prior experience with web design and also mush work at a reasonable speed. game images and info will be provided. we would also prefer if you had access to skype although it is not required. all work will be repaid after kickstarter.

Anywhere [OLD] Programmer In UnrealScript at Rosed Games

programmer in unrealscript rosed games anywhere programmers we are looking for a programmer capable of unrealscript,he/she must have intermediate knowledge of of the unrealscript language and capable of directing the programmers with lesser experience of the language and api. your role in the team will be gameplay and engine programming. you will also be an adviser on programming in udk (ue3/ue4 at later date). during the later stages of the game we are planning on crowd funding the game. this money will not only go back into the game but will also pay the team for there work. feel free to ask questions.

Aug 4, 2013
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