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Location: Anywhere - Skype Required ! - Looking for: Artists

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We're a team of different individuals. We all have a passion and large enthusiasm for our work.

We love your suggestions and feedback in our team. Real life is always first priority, and you're allowed to work on other projects as long as they do not conflict with our -- Elite Special Forces.

Please visit our indieDB profile for more information on 'Elite Special Forces'.

We cannot offer payment yet, but we hope to in the future! We do also have 'Digital Tutors' to help you getting better and stronger in the art of modeling and texturing.

While we're always looking for new members, this is one of our current most wanted position:

3D Senior Environment Artist


-- As a Senior Environment Artist at our team, you will be researching how the terrain and/or environment looks in North Kazakhstan.
-- You will help planning the different level's designs close together with the lead- and level design team.
-- Another responsibility is the creation of different vegetation/foliage assets based on real life reference pictures.
-- Abillity to help out other places on the team with texturing, modeling or supervising.


-- Experienced with Autodesk Max or Maya (Zbrush and MudBox is okay as well).
-- Skilled with the creation of assets (mainly focusing on vegetation/foliage assets).
-- Skilled in texturing of assets (mainly focusing on vegetation/foliage assets).
-- (OPTIONAL) Experienced with exporting from Max/Maya/MudBox/Zbrush to CryEngine 3.
-- At least 2 years of experience in the modeling branch.

Thanks and we all in the team hopes to hear more from you!

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Send a resume and/or portfolio to realisticgamestudios@hotmail.com

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